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Posted on December 16, 2022 11:08 AM by HOA Sites
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Many people view homeowners associations as safe havens from the world of stressful urban living.  Homeowners enjoy the convenience of having everything they need on their homeowners association website, as well as security from crime and natural disasters with their local property managers.
Yet, that comfort can be taken away in a heartbeat if you are careless.  Homeowners should consider these four HOA trends that may become more prevalent in 2023 before they get too comfortable.
Communication Is On The Rise
Communication skills now are not just limited to speech; they cover a huge range of mediums, such as writing emails, text messages, and social media that you can highlight on the homeowners association website.  This trend is expected to dominate well into the future as we see many different types of communication spread at an increasingly faster rate in 2023.
An Increase In Disputes
Disputes about homeowners associations have existed for decades, but the frequency of these disputes is expected to increase in 2023.  The biggest reason for this is that there will be several topics discussed at meetings which opens up more room for disagreements.  Other than disputes among homeowners, HOAs may also face more legal issues involving neighboring properties.
Expenses & Completion Times
HOA boards are expected to face increased scrutiny over higher costs regarding labor, landscaping, repair and maintenance, and slower completion times in 2023.  Part of this is due to the new requirements imposed by HOAs as a result of newly implemented restrictions on lawn care services, restrictions that previously were only imposed on landscaping.  Homeowners should be aware of these industry trends as they relate to their own HOA situation.

More HOAs
In 2023, it is predicted that homeowners will see an increase in the number of HOAs.  The reason being that developers generate large profits by renting their houses and homeowners benefit from living in such areas since their homes maintain a higher resale value compared to those that are not controlled by associations.
While many homeowners are keenly aware of any changes their HOA passes, others may not be as interested.  This can lead to clashes among neighbors, particularly over matters that have been discussed at meetings.  It is critical for all homeowners in HOAs to stay informed about current issues and come up with resolutions in advance to avoid things changing for the worse later on.
Posted on December 7, 2022 2:52 PM by HOA Sites
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The documents of an HOA are a bit of a mystery to many people.  However, when you carefully analyze the neighborhood website, you can learn all about the different types of documents that are part of your HOA package.  It is crucial for you to understand the order of importance regarding HOA documents and what should happen when items are missing that are required for you to live in a designated area.
Declaration Of Restrictions
Often, a Declaration of Restrictions includes a stipulation that if any CC&R’s do not align with its vision, then those HOA documents are to be null and void.  If a lawsuit was to ensue, this is how it would be decided by a judge.  Also, when you look at a neighborhood website, you may notice that the Declarations of Restrictions typically contain a force of law clause; which means that if an HOA decides to modify or update their documents then those changes will be null and void if they do not align with the Declaration.
The CC&R’s
Most HOA residents are familiar with this document.  Within these documents are all the restrictions that are placed on the land including pets, fireworks, rules on what colors you may paint your house, as well as other rules regarding your personal property.  The most common way to find out who owns a home in the HOA community is to look at the Declaration document.
The Bylaws
The bylaws contain all kinds of provisions for how business is conducted within your association such as notice requirements for meetings.  They also outline the rights and responsibilities of each member.  The bylaws might include provisions for how meetings are held and which meetings are required to be called, as well.
The importance of HOA documents stems from the fact that they are like insurance policies for your community.  These documents are designed to protect your investment in a neighborhood so they should be maintained by homeowners to ensure each property gets what it needs.  This means that when decisions must be made regarding the community, they are done in accordance with the architectural plans that were developed by the HOA.
Posted on November 28, 2022 8:25 AM by HOA Sites
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Software has become a necessary item in most people’s lives, whether you need it for work or as a part of your lifestyle.  Technology is constantly evolving and so are the devices that people use to access the homeowner association website.  It is essential to keep up with software changes to ensure your HOA stays up-to-date on every aspect of its daily operations.  The reasons below explain why you should think about adding software to the 2023 HOA budget.
Savings With Software Solutions
One benefit with software is that it will pay for itself over time.  If the board receives feedback from the community that they need better technical support, they should consider it.  Integrating software solutions on your homeowner association website allows you to have a much better response time, which is critical when dealing with residents.  It also allows your association to be more capable of handling management processes, saving on the costs of human resource changes.
Avoid Unnecessary Spending
Software helps minimize mistakes since it automates things.  If an HOA doesn’t have a good system in place for tracking expenses, that can cause unnecessary spending and prevent the HOA from making wiser financial decisions.  One way software minimizes costly mistakes as it makes reporting activities and expenditures easier.  Homeowners associations that use software are more likely to streamline their processes and efficiently use the resources they have available.
It Allows Communities To Do More
Perhaps the best reason why an HOA should invest in software is that it improves efficiency and provides better service for members.  Whether that means less time on paperwork or running around the neighborhood picking up packages, it saves time.  It also help HOA’s manage risk better by making it easier to communicate with members and others in ways that wasn’t previously possible.  An HOA can prepare for future software needs by reviewing its current budget and start considering new software for 2023.
Posted on November 21, 2022 7:59 AM by HOA Sites
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Homeowners and landlords frequently find themselves entangled in disputes over the issue of whether a homeowners association has the authority to resolve a complaint.  The dispute usually arises from a homeowner’s refusal to follow the rules established by an association or the HOA fails to enforce rules that are already in place and posted to the community website.  In such a situation, you might wonder if you can refuse to comply with an HOA resolution based on some of its provisions.  Read on for what every resident needs to know before addressing an HOA resolution.
The HOA & The Homeowner Must Agree
You should know that while an HOA might be willing to hear about matters from its members, it is up to the individual homeowner or landlord to bring the dispute before the association.  If they don’t, it will likely be considered a refusal of service.  In addition to that, any resolution made within an HOA, whether a commercial or residential property, must be approved by all association members.
Comply With State Laws
Even though your HOA is a private, nonprofit organization, it is also required to comply with the laws set forth by your state.  Most states want you and your HOA to follow many laws.  Like, your board must approve maintenance projects and capital improvements and new projects or significant additions that are highlighted on the community website must get a majority vote from all members.  As well, you should have regular board meetings and have enough money on hand to pay your current bills.
Legal Implications
By signing an agreement with your HOA, you agree to abide by the association’s bylaws, rules and regulations, and agreements.  If any of these agreements violate the law, then it is possible that members of the HOA could face legal action.  That’s why it is important to check each board member’s background and verify they haven’t broken state laws.
An HOA resolution is beneficial as it provides a check on the members who live in your association.  It helps ensure the board is operating properly and holds them accountable if they don’t follow through with issues.  That can be a positive for the community as the board knows they will ultimately be held accountable so they would be more likely to fulfill their roles and avoid any legal action being taken against them.
Posted on November 18, 2022 8:29 AM by HOA Sites
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As the holiday season draws closer, many homeowners have made plans to enjoy this time of reflection and gratitude by spending it with loved ones.  It’s a joyous occasion to reflect on all that has been accomplished over the last year and look forward to what lies ahead.  Often though, it can be easy to forget about all the good you have been doing for your community if you haven’t included it on the homeowners association website.
Thanksgiving is a national holiday that brings families together to enjoy flavorsome food while sharing their happiest memories with loved ones.  This post provides some of the best ideas for HOA residents to celebrate Thanksgiving.
Fun Outdoors
As the holiday gets closer and closer, people start to think about how they can make their day special and fun for all ages.  One of the best ideas is to participate in outdoor activities!  In the case, you can post on the homeowners association website beforehand that it will include a baking competition and three-legged races.  Homeowners associations need to understand that this is an enjoyable way for families to spend time together and some homeowners may have more visitors.
Volunteer To Help Out
Volunteering can be an important part of this holiday as well.  There are many ways to volunteer on Thanksgiving Day, including feeding the homeless or helping out at a food pantry.  Thanksgiving is also a time of the year that many charities and shelters collect canned foods for those in need.  Canned items are perfect for donation since they can be put right into a pantry’s inventory without being cooked or refrigerated.
Potluck Party
A neighborhood potluck is a great way to have a fun Thanksgiving in your HOA.  It not only takes the pressure off of any single family to host and do all the cooking, but it also takes away the burden on people’s wallets who may not be able to afford a large Thanksgiving dinner.  Try to pick a day that works well for everyone and set up a list of all the people planning to attend, including yourself.
Many HOA residents are preparing for the upcoming holidays, and one of the first questions they may ask themselves is how to celebrate Thanksgiving.  This is a big day for most people and these celebrations can include everything from a family dinner to hosting a potluck.
Posted on November 11, 2022 11:22 AM by HOA Sites
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In recent years, the topic of veterans has been brought to the attention of residents in the HOA community.  On the neighborhood website, there are comments from many homeowners who understand it is a huge responsibility to care for and support those who have fought for our country.
Therefore, some homeowner associations are developing guidelines to help improve the lives of their veterans by giving back or improving how the community receives them.  Here are three amazing ways to praise veterans in your HOA.
Honor Them By Volunteering
One way to give back to veterans is by volunteering in their local veterans’ service organization.  Such places focus on the issues that veterans experience, including housing, career transition, therapy, suicide prevention, and PTSD.  Also, homeowners can try to raise money and give it to charities for veterans.
By volunteering your time and efforts, you will be helping these veterans with their daily tasks and giving them the extra motivation they need to move forward with their lives so they can accomplish the goals they’ve set for themselves.
Ask HOA Residents To Show Up
Members of the homeowners association should be taking every opportunity to thank the men and women who have served this country.  The least you can do is make sure they feel welcomed in your community as they transition back into civilian life.  You can encourage residents to attend a ceremony to honor the veterans in your HOA and give them an opportunity to share their experiences with other families in the community.
Educate Those Who Are Unaware
Some people in the neighborhood might take volunteers for granted, but one way to show appreciation is to educate them on veterans and their sacrifices.  Post pictures of local veterans to the neighborhood website to bring more awareness to veterans during this day.  Almost everyone knows someone who has served in the military, but we don’t always think about their families and what life is like for them when their loved one is deployed.
It can be hard to watch this happen time after time, to help ease the burden on these strong families, it’s important to think of them and reach out.  Even if you don’t know any veterans, you should show your appreciation for their service and sacrifice when you see them as they make it possible for the rest of us to live the way we do.
Posted on November 10, 2022 7:43 AM by HOA Sites
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Noise comes along in many forms, interrupting the peace and quiet that most residents prefer.  It could be your neighbor’s visitors coming and going, a kid’s TV or stereo, or even the noise from a nearby airport that irritates you.  There are limits posted to the HOA website about what is too much noise in the neighborhood and people who are familiar with that level adhere to it religiously.  The following aspects should be considered so you know what noise level will be acceptable for your neighborhood.
Loudness Varies By Frequency
Obviously, if your neighbor next door can hear what you’re playing or listening to, it is likely too loud.  Anything that exceeds 75 decibels outdoors at the property line may result in a complaint.  But, this is just one way of measuring sound level in dBs (decibels).  To measure in dBs, you must first convert the sound your ear receives to voltage and watts.
An Exceeding Bass Sound
A room with too much bass may indicate a high level of noise.  The bass part of the sound spectrum is between 60 and 250 Hz, so tight low frequencies are usually better than a loose mid-range or high-frequency sound source.  The HOA website concludes that if you want a more neutral sound system for your room, try an open back design as it will minimize the amount of bass.
How Much Noise Can You Tolerate?
At first, an occasional loud noise for a brief period is tolerable.  However, the more you hear it, the more likely you will have a problem with it.  Nighttime noises are particularly problematic, especially if you have kids or need to wake up early the next day.  Noise doesn’t usually change with time so if you have a neighbor that is starting to get excessively noisy, they are likely to remain that way or get even louder over time.
An excess amount of noise can be translated as a sign that a neighbor is not respectful towards others.  However, determining how much noise qualifies someone as a loud neighbor is often difficult.  There are many factors to consider since almost everyone has a different opinion on what they think is noisy.
Posted on November 8, 2022 7:23 AM by HOA Sites
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Maintenance may be one of the most overlooked areas in the homeowners association realm.  Too often, comments on the homeowner association website show that the HOA assumes all homeowners will take care of general duties like yard care and upkeep since it is their own property.
Homeowners are well aware of common maintenance issues, but there could be an issue where each party is accountable.  Now, you don’t have to suffer alongside your neighbors when maintaining your HOA property since you’ll know the ins and outs of maintenance responsibility!
Maintenance Responsibility Allowance
The board or association decides which tasks are important enough to be included in an allowance.  In some HOA’s, this will be determined by what percentage of residents approve of their management team’s plans for general upkeep.  Many HOA’s leave all upkeep responsibility up to the responsible party, but most associations have set criteria for what tasks are included in their maintenance allowances and share it on the homeowner association website.
You can include maintenance responsibilities on your association’s allowance in many ways.  For example, there have been suggestions about including annual grass cutting and snow removal for property owners.  Other HOA’s might allow residents to request payment of additional lawn care expenses if they have to hire a company to resolve an issue.
What Should You Charge For Maintenance?
HOA’s and property managers will ensure that taxes are paid, insurance is updated, and current information is included in each dues payment.  This way, residents don’t need to hire an outside company to take care of their lawn care or snow removal, but they need to know how much should be charged.  Aside from that, the cost of maintaining your property depends on many factors, such as the size and location.
There is a lot of conflicting information about the responsibilities of HOA members when it comes to maintenance and the truth is that it varies greatly depending on your HOA.  In some communities, homeowners have very little responsibility while others have more duties than your average homeowner.  That’s why you should know the ins and outs about your maintenance responsibility in an HOA before buying your house!
Posted on November 2, 2022 6:43 AM by HOA Sites
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Homeowners associations are known to maintain property values and protect homeowners from external threats.  An HOA also safeguards a community’s quality of life.  Board members are responsible for deciding what is in the best interest of the community, but they have guidelines and specific governing documents that provide direction on how to make those decisions.
Homeowners that visit the community website know that bylaws are one such document which explains how an HOA operates under certain circumstances and who can vote at board meetings.  Here are the reasons why an HOA needs to have bylaws.
Prevent A Situation Or Dispute From Escalating
A corresponding set of rules can help avoid situations that could escalate into something more serious.  HOA members must follow the rules if bylaws are implemented, otherwise, there could be no guidelines to follow.  You could have neighbors arguing over a fence or not being allowed to have pets.  If there’s no rule stating that someone isn’t allowed to put up a fence or have a pet, what would stop them from doing so?
Declare The General Duties Of The Board
An HOA needs to have bylaws since they state the general duties of the board.  That includes decisions about how members are accepted and what happens if someone doesn’t pay their dues on time.  On the community website, you might find a copy of the bylaws where it explains that someone who is accused of breaking a rule could end up in court.  If this doesn’t work, they might be evicted from the community.
Expectations Of Board Members
Board members also have a fiduciary responsibility to their community and the financial well-being of its residents; they can’t use their position as a board member to act contrary to the interests of the community or its residents.  Furthermore, directors have a fiduciary duty to act on behalf of other members concerning issues that have been entrusted to them.  In other words, they should act with care and loyalty in undertaking their duties and avoid prioritizing their own interests.
Without bylaws, HOA’s may be able to take any action they want.  However, bylaws allow HOA’s to clearly discuss their expectations of a property owner and their responsibilities for the upkeep of an area.  Though an HOA has many rights over homeowners, these regulations only help the community stay organized and ensure everyone follows the rules.
Posted on October 31, 2022 8:21 AM by HOA Sites
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If you are searching for a new home or have ever considered owning one in the future, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various restrictions on rentals.  On the homeowners association website, it states that most associations limit how many days a homeowner can rent the property out to another person, and there are also guidelines about what can be rented.  To avoid your home being restrained by an HOA, ensure you familiarize yourself with these rental restrictions.
Pet Rules In An HOA Community
Pets are usually allowed in most HOA’s, but there are some exceptions.  For instance, you could have a neighbor that doesn’t like dogs or maybe they have a fear about them, and an HOA could take their side and force you to get rid of your pet.  Homeowners that are unsure about pet restrictions in an HOA should contact management on the homeowners association website or speak to their neighbors.
No Parking Lots
Many HOA’s will ban the visitors of those who live in the neighborhood from having their cars parked on the property.  That may be due to decreasing property values or neighbors worrying about vandalism.  HOA’s can limit the number of cars that are parked on the property, but they can’t prohibit a homeowner from having cars parked in their driveway or garage.
No Hosts Or Tenants
HOA’s cannot impose restrictions on your lease agreement with tenants beyond what the law states.  Ideally, your lease terms are the same as any other tenant’s.  However, if you own one of your two dwellings within an HOA, you are not allowed to rent out rooms to hosts, guests, or tenants unless you have separate agreements with other homeowners in your community and approval from the HOA board.
Neighborhood associations are often close-knit communities in which all the rules of living together are laid out before you purchase your home.  If you’re fortunate enough to buy a house in a neighborhood with an association, it’s essential to know what rental restrictions are in place so you don’t get fined for unknowingly breaking a rule.
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