For Property Managers

With our co-branding program, now property managers, real estate agents and other business owners with association contacts can offer websites as an additional service to their clients. We can either work directly with you and/or with your association board members. Either way, your clients will appreciate the added value you bring to their neighborhood.

Whether your clients already have a website or are in need of a new website, HOA Sites will make your life easier as well by giving you one point of contact for website requests and support. You can also have administrator access to each of your clients' websites to help keep their websites updated. Plus, you can share your access with your board members so they can maintain their own website.

Bulk pricing available!

With our Pro or Plus plans you'll receive a discount if you have 5 or more websites live with us. You can either pass these savings along to your clients or charge them our regular prices and keep the savings as your management fee. We can also set up the billing however it works best for you.

If your total number of live websites with us is under 5:
View plan descriptions here.

Standard Setup Fee
Premium Setup Fee
Annual Fee

If your total number of live websites with us is over 4:
View our multi-site pricing sheet here.

(for add-on items we charge you our standard prices)

Does your company need help with your website?

HOA Sites can also create and maintain a website for your property management company. The pricing is the same as your association clients.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help both your business and your clients. Also, print our brochure to share with your board members.

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