Rental Restrictions Regarding Your Home In An HOA

Posted on October 31, 2022 8:21 AM by HOA Sites
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If you are searching for a new home or have ever considered owning one in the future, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various restrictions on rentals.  On the homeowners association website, it states that most associations limit how many days a homeowner can rent the property out to another person, and there are also guidelines about what can be rented.  To avoid your home being restrained by an HOA, ensure you familiarize yourself with these rental restrictions.
Pet Rules In An HOA Community
Pets are usually allowed in most HOA’s, but there are some exceptions.  For instance, you could have a neighbor that doesn’t like dogs or maybe they have a fear about them, and an HOA could take their side and force you to get rid of your pet.  Homeowners that are unsure about pet restrictions in an HOA should contact management on the homeowners association website or speak to their neighbors.
No Parking Lots
Many HOA’s will ban the visitors of those who live in the neighborhood from having their cars parked on the property.  That may be due to decreasing property values or neighbors worrying about vandalism.  HOA’s can limit the number of cars that are parked on the property, but they can’t prohibit a homeowner from having cars parked in their driveway or garage.
No Hosts Or Tenants
HOA’s cannot impose restrictions on your lease agreement with tenants beyond what the law states.  Ideally, your lease terms are the same as any other tenant’s.  However, if you own one of your two dwellings within an HOA, you are not allowed to rent out rooms to hosts, guests, or tenants unless you have separate agreements with other homeowners in your community and approval from the HOA board.
Neighborhood associations are often close-knit communities in which all the rules of living together are laid out before you purchase your home.  If you’re fortunate enough to buy a house in a neighborhood with an association, it’s essential to know what rental restrictions are in place so you don’t get fined for unknowingly breaking a rule.
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