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Posted on January 18, 2022 9:31 AM by HOA Sites
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Condo WebsiteWhen you consider that an estimated 22 to 24 percent of United States citizens reside inside condos and homes that lie inside HOA communities, it is little wonder why there is so much focus on HOA regulations and relations. Making sure so many individuals can get along together and agree on the rules governing the community they reside in is a tricky thing for HOA members to deal with. Communication is the name of the game and so ensuring all vital information is contained on the condo website and pamphlets can go a long way in avoiding confusion and misunderstanding. Here are three key things that need to be on all communications regarding HOA terms and regulations.

Lawn and Yard Upkeep Regulations

Most HOA communities have requirements for how residents keep any lawn or property that is associated with their home or condo. For example, things like maximum height for grass, what can and cannot be planted around the home, height restrictions for shrubs and trees, and other considerations that are worth noting. These grounds upkeep regulations should be included on any condo website and information pamphlet. 

Occupancy and Residency Restrictions

Some condos have special regulations about the age of residents. These are commonly known as age-restricted communities with 55 and 65 being the most common minimum ages for residents. There can also be restrictions about visitors and children who are or are not allowed to be on site. This is vital information for any condo website as people will want to know how welcomed their families will be.

General Upkeep and Changes to Condos

The final point that needs to be easily available on any condo website or information material is what residents can and cannot do to their property. Chances to interior design elements, exterior paint colors, additions to the home or condo and similar upgrades regulations need to be clearly explained. This sort of information needs to be understood upfront before anyone signs a lease with an HOA community.

Owning and managing an HOA community can be difficult in the best of times. Keeping the peace and ensuring all the rules are followed and that the regulations in place are fair and just can be a full-time job. Communicating vital information to current and potential residents is important. This is why any condo website should include these basic things in the information it provides!
Posted on December 18, 2020 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Condo WebsiteThe condo board is expected to manage the condo's assets and it works with specialists to identify certain maintenance requirements before setting aside funds to tackle them.  But, what is the condo board supposed to do when it encounters a big repair that far exceeds the funds that were set aside?  In some situations, the board doesn’t have to issue a special assessment, especially when there are other options to consider.
The Opinion Of The Condo Reserve Specialist

The condo board doesn’t have to always rely on their own members to solve every problem.  They can consult with a condo reserve specialist who has a better understanding of the condo's predicament and offer them sound advice on the issue.  Aside from performing an evaluation of the situation and encouraging the board to add the repair to the reserve study as a one-time occurrence, the reserve specialist might propose adjustments to the condo's maintenance strategies. It is important to be transparent with the residents regarding this information by posting the details on the condo website.
Time For Outside Counsel for the Community

When a reserve specialist isn’t available, the community website could be used to identify talented individuals that can offer assistance and advice on the matter.  The HOA board is free to search for experts from outside the community.  Not just lawyers but also insurance agents and accountants, as well as contractors that may offer cost-effective solutions.
Using The Reserves

If the repair in question demands immediate attention, the board shouldn’t hesitate to borrow funds from the reserves.  The condo website usually frowns upon this option as it isn’t ideal which is why most associations only take this route as a last resort.  A condo board that borrows from the reserves must ensure that its actions are reflected in the reserve study and they need to pay back that amount.

All communities would like to believe they have prepared adequately for the future.  However, when the unexpected happens and the condo is suddenly facing a big repair, they need to remember that there are multiple options at their disposal.
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