How Much Noise Qualifies You As A Loud Neighbor?

Posted on November 10, 2022 7:43 AM by HOA Sites
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Noise comes along in many forms, interrupting the peace and quiet that most residents prefer.  It could be your neighbor’s visitors coming and going, a kid’s TV or stereo, or even the noise from a nearby airport that irritates you.  There are limits posted to the HOA website about what is too much noise in the neighborhood and people who are familiar with that level adhere to it religiously.  The following aspects should be considered so you know what noise level will be acceptable for your neighborhood.
Loudness Varies By Frequency
Obviously, if your neighbor next door can hear what you’re playing or listening to, it is likely too loud.  Anything that exceeds 75 decibels outdoors at the property line may result in a complaint.  But, this is just one way of measuring sound level in dBs (decibels).  To measure in dBs, you must first convert the sound your ear receives to voltage and watts.
An Exceeding Bass Sound
A room with too much bass may indicate a high level of noise.  The bass part of the sound spectrum is between 60 and 250 Hz, so tight low frequencies are usually better than a loose mid-range or high-frequency sound source.  The HOA website concludes that if you want a more neutral sound system for your room, try an open back design as it will minimize the amount of bass.
How Much Noise Can You Tolerate?
At first, an occasional loud noise for a brief period is tolerable.  However, the more you hear it, the more likely you will have a problem with it.  Nighttime noises are particularly problematic, especially if you have kids or need to wake up early the next day.  Noise doesn’t usually change with time so if you have a neighbor that is starting to get excessively noisy, they are likely to remain that way or get even louder over time.
An excess amount of noise can be translated as a sign that a neighbor is not respectful towards others.  However, determining how much noise qualifies someone as a loud neighbor is often difficult.  There are many factors to consider since almost everyone has a different opinion on what they think is noisy.
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