Easy Setup Process

A Project Manager For Your Project

What sets HOA Sites apart from the competition is our personal attention to your association website. We do not use special software scripts that leave you to put your website together on your own. Instead, you are assigned a personal project manager who will walk you through our step-by-step process for setting up your website. Your project manager will also help you understand the options and features of the website, plus be available when you need advice.

How Long The Process Takes

  • It is up to you how quickly you accomplish each step in our step-by-step process. We have had clients go live with their website in a day and others after several months. Your project manager remains with you regardless of how much time you need to get your website live.
  • You will be working with your assigned project manager who will guide you through the process. They will make sure you make good and informed decisions. They are also available to answer your questions.
  • By being non-technical and easy to follow, our process is intended for people who know nothing about setting up an association website. This helps avoid confusion and unnecessary work.
  • We think you will find that our process moves quickly and is straight forward. But, do not take our word for it. Read comments our clients have posted to our website based on their experiences.


In order for your project to be successful, we have some expectations for the person (or people) responsible for following our process to set up your association website. Since there will be no access to anything technical, somebody with graphic or coding knowledge will not have an opportunity to use those skills. All of our features work by entering text and clicking buttons. Items related to the design of the website and anything else that’s technical is handled by us.

We do require those involved to:

  • Follow our step-by-step process for setting up the website.
  • Write content and add content to your website using our features.
  • Have knowledge of how navigation and content on websites are typically organized.
  • Be experienced with using shopping carts, registering on websites and updating account profile details.
  • Be comfortable using software similar to Microsoft Word and Outlook as well as managing files on a computer and using online forms.
  • Read our instructions and use those instructions to make decisions.
  • Use our functionality to manage all day-to-day tasks for updating the website.
  • Have time available to work on the project.
  • Open and reply timely to support tickets.
  • Communicate effectively in writing with both us and website visitors.
  • Ask your project manager questions.

Easy Step-By-Step Process

  • When you are ready to get started with your website project, click here to sign up.
  • You are then assigned a personal project manager who will work with you to develop your website.
  • Your project manager will email you the contract and invoice. You can either mail us a check or pay online with a credit card. The contract is both signed and submitted electronically.
  • Once the contact arrives and invoice is paid, the website setup process can begin.
  • You select a domain name for your website. We can also register that domain name for you. If you already own a domain name, you can either keep it with your current domain name provider or transfer it to us to manage for you.
  • For choosing a design for your website, your project manager will provide advice for the nuances between the various styles.
  • Your project manager creates your website based your design choice and domain name. You then have access to log into your website and start using our features.
  • You review the new administrator guide, which gives an overview of our processes and how to use our functionality.
  • You decide which email addresses are notified when specific actions occur on the website, such as approving a new submission.
  • You review information that helps you decide what pages and features you would like to have. You also decide how your navigation is organized and which members are allowed to access each page.
  • You then start adding content to your pages, setting up the features you wish to use and uploading your documents.
  • Your project manager learns about any design preferences you have and makes modifications to your website's design.
  • You decide how you would like your home page structured. Choose from a variety of customizable elemnts or "teasers".
  • Your project manager uses your photos to create the graphics for the top of your website. Your logo can also be added.
  • You review information to configure the membership management abilities of the website so that renewals can be handled and optionally allow payments to be made through the website.
  • Once you are happy with the website and you have your pages set up how you would like them, you can click the button to make your website available to your visitors.
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