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Homeowner Association WebsiteResidents describe their overall HOA experience as very excellent or good in 70% of cases. One reason is that homeowner association websites have specific blogs that include relevant information for homeowners. What should you include on the HOA blog or website of your area?

The homeowner association website can have a little of everything on it, including some humor. The point is to remain professional at all times. What is the function of a homeowners' association? Homeowner associations are meant to manage common or shared land, safeguard owners' property values, offer services to members, and build a feeling of community via social events and facilities, according to Community Association Living.

Taking this into consideration and knowing what the basic needs of residents are, the relevant information for a homeowner association website should at the very least include the rules or constitution of the neighborhood. Such a blog could also include relevant utility service information, especially interruptions in such services if any are expected. These blogs are a great way to keep your neighbors informed. 

Homeowners wish to keep the value of their property protected and ensure their safety. It is a great idea to include relevant safety information in the blog, but including information to maintain property value is almost more important. Information about increased mortgages, foreclosures, and short sales could help new homeowners understand how to preserve their home value. 

Since property prices are affected by so many factors, placing articles that cover this topic is of the utmost importance. When everybody knows what is expected, everybody wins. The blog should also include stories of other people who had fortune or misfortune with regards to their properties. In that way, everyone learns.
As long as you adhere to the principles of professionalism and keep safety and home values in mind, all posts should be relevant. Anything else makes your blog look good, which covers the realm of professionalism. 
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Homeowner Association WebsiteHomeowner associations have become quite commonplace today as one report estimates over 70 million Americans currently reside in a community with a homeowners association. Even though homeowners are drawn to these communities with the security and order they promise, board members should consider whether or not residents are happy.  Most homeowner associations struggle to thrive without first developing a strong rapport with the residents they are supposed to represent.
What Public Opinion Says

Often, the homeowner association website is a positive place that attracts optimistic opinions from people who reflect the views of the public on homeowner associations. If your objective is to meet or even exceed the national average where public opinion on associations is concerned, you should know that most people are happy with their association.
Not only are they convinced that their homeowner association's governing board serves the best interests of the community but a significant majority claim that their homeowners association managers are supportive of their residents.  As a result, aggressive steps must be taken to counter the negativity in a community if you want to surpass the national average, some of which is expressed on the homeowner association website.
Improving Homeowner Satisfaction

From time to time, homeowner associations are poorly perceived by homeowners as they have been known to spend more time managing the assets of the community and less time nurturing healthy relationships with residents.  These two undertakings are not mutually exclusive though.  An association can maintain their assets without neglecting members of the community by encouraging homeowners to suggest ideas for them to use in the future.

Many residents who hold a poor view of their homeowners association usually feel that way because they were abandoned.  Homeowner association boards that make a concerted effort to include residents in their decision making typically see a vast improvement in the opinions that homeowners hold toward their homeowner association.
Posted on November 17, 2020 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Homeowners Association WebsiteSome elections are complicated events and associations can’t afford to make them worse by taking actions that might invite a legal dispute.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what can happen if you organize and conduct an election without first drafting the relevant election rules.  These rules must comply with any of the pre-existing documents, as well as the laws that govern associations in your area.
The Inadequacy Of Governing Documents

A quick search of the homeowners association website will usually reveal that the governing documents have clauses that specify the regulations to which the association must adhere to when it organizes elections.  The presence of such clauses in the governing documents may encourage board members to presume that their homeowners association association doesn’t require distinct election rules.  However, the absence of clear election rules empowers members to not only challenge the result of an election but to also take legal action.
The Importance Of Expert Assistance

Election rules are supposed to cover a variety of fields, including the nomination procedures, the statutes governing recalls, and secret balloting protocols.  The notion that a board member or even the director personally drafts these documents isn’t necessarily far-fetched.

Nonetheless, a majority of elected homeowners association members lack the expertise and experience required to produce regulations that can satisfy the needs of a homeowners association without contradicting state law.  For this reason, homeowners association board members are encouraged to hire a qualified professional that can guide them through this process.

Some homeowners associations make the mistake of presuming that their communities are too small for election rules to play a significant role.  Others are too quick to dismiss the necessity of elections.  Regardless of a board members opinion, they must ensure that the most recent version of the election rules is available on the homeowners association website.  In doing so, it protects the homeowners association from challenges and lawsuits in the future!
Posted on September 2, 2020 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Homeowner Association WebsiteHomeowners all over the country think that automated systems are the answer to their security problems.  Often, they believe the security systems that are promoted on a homeowner association website can keep intruders at bay, but that isn’t necessarily true.

While security systems are effective, every new resident is encouraged to deepen their ties with neighbors since there might be times when criminal or suspicious activity goes undetected.  However, it takes time to build lasting relationships with neighbors if you expect them to watch your home.
Homeowner Association Events

Few other activities can built trust quite like a homeowner association gathering.  Some people avoid them because they sound like an inconvenience.  But, community cookouts and other gatherings are the perfect time to socialize with your neighbors.  These events help erase suspicion so residents gain a closer familiarity with one another.  It is this same familiarity that leads neighbors to watching one another’s homes and raise an alarm once they suspect criminal behavior.
Routines & Habits

Before you establish a security net around your home using your neighbors, you must first gain a clear understanding of the routines and habits in the homeowner association.  Every homeowner association website encourages new residents to participate in activities of the community, such as attending homeowner association meetings and using the park and pool.  By learning these routines and habits, it becomes much easier to identify suspicious activity.
Neighborhood Watch

If you don’t rely on the trust and goodwill between you and your neighbors to ensure your home is protected, suggest to the association that they create a neighborhood watch.  Some homeowners never trust such entities because they consist of individuals that have little to no law enforcement training.  Nonetheless, the best homeowner associations normally coordinate with local police to confirm that neighborhood watch has all the information and resources it needs to keep the community safe!
Posted on July 26, 2020 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Homeowners Association WebsiteHomeowners associations that never implement a maintenance plan have been known to worsen over time. These communities are characterized by looking messy with unkempt yards, dilapidated structures, and roads that need to be repaved. Such homeowners associations are frustrating to homeowners as they tend to turn away potential buyers. Although, the presence of this type of wear and tear can work in your favor since it will likely convince your homeowners association to prepare and follow a maintenance plan.
The Role Of A Homeowners Association

Almost every homeowners association website emphasizes the role a homeowners association plays in maintenance. Yet, many aren’t exactly sure what that means.  The association will repair damaged structures, perform basic landscaping upkeep on common areas, and combat insect infestations.  Homeowners association management must also collaborate with board members to not only administer ongoing maintenance but to plan for future maintenance tasks and projects.
Use A Proactive Approach

Many communities collapse due to their associations taking a reactive approach to maintenance. A maintenance plan should prepare for the future by analyzing all the areas of a homeowners association that might require maintenance in the weeks, months, and years to come. Then, outline the necessary steps that the association needs to take to prepare accordingly.
The Purpose Of A Reserve Study

Reserve studies are frequently mentioned on the homeowners association website as they are a key component of the maintenance plan. A reserve study is a budgeting tool that helps a homeowners association set aside funds for the community to use so future expenses are met.  Board members can’t prepare a credible maintenance plan without crafting and annually reviewing the reserve study.

Some communities fail to meet their maintenance goals since the board has refused to trust in the reserve study. As a result, this presents more of an opportunity for maintenance issues to become a problem.  Maintenance plans are vital because they extend the life of a homeowners association's assets.  Without a proper plan, the financial and aesthetic value of the community will likely decline.
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