White Label Resellers

With our White Label Resellers program you can now resell both our website and printing services but rebranded with your own company name. You bill your clients however much you wish and we anonymously provide direct support to your clients for you! This program is great for management companies, builders, property managers and anybody else with association or business contacts who will benefit from our (your) website services.

Here's How It Works

You offer our services to your business contacts, but under your own name. When they signup for a website through you you can bill them for a premium above the prices we charge you. You then pass their information on to us so that we can work directly with them to develop their new website. You may remain as involved in this process as you would like...or not at all. We will also directly support your clients' day to day website requests with the same quality and quick turn around times we provide our own clients.

What White Label Means to You

White label means we remove all of our branding from your client's website and communication we have with your client. Our knowledgebase and hands-on support are generic branded so that our company name remains hidden yet we can provide direct support to your clients depending on your needs.

What's the difference between White Label and Co-branded?

Co-branded means that the company you are reselling (better word might be promoting) remains visible to your clients. White Label means only your company name is displayed as if you developed, sell and support the product. Between our White Label and Co-branded programs the pricing structure is the same, so the decision is based on which one fits best with your business.

Should I use your White Label Reseller program or your Co-branded Program?

Credibility is probably the most important factor in determining which program is best for you.

For example, we recommend real estate agents use our Co-branded program instead of our White Label program for two reasons. First, website services are not traditionally part of the services offered by real estate agents. Therefore, potential clients may be hesitant to trust the features and services being offered. Second, real estate agents will often pay for the association's website in exchange for exclusive advertising so the goal is not to make a profit from reselling websites.

For a management company either our Co-branded program or our White Label program would fit well in their service offerings. It depends on their business model and the relationship they have with their clients.

How much extra can I charge over your prices?

You can charge your clients as much as you'd like for their website. We suggest keeping it reasonable and don't get greedy. Website services are often more about the long-term relationships and recurring revenue. Sometimes the most important aspect of this program is the added value you bring to your clients in conjunction with your existing services. Also, keep in mind that nearly all of your costs are a pass through to your clients and you don't have to provide any direct support or handle setting up their websites. We take care of all of that for you.

How do you remain "behind the scenes" yet still provide direct support to my clients?

We've accomplished this two ways. First, we remove our name wherever it normally appears on your client's website and instead substitute your name. Second, our knowledgebase and support center are provided through generic domain name and email addresses. When support requests come to us from your clients we respond from that generic support email address and not hoa-sites.com. Other than these factors we follow all of the same steps setting up and taking care of your clients as we do our own.

Special Pricing and Income Potential

There are several ways you can make a profit by reselling our services.

  1. First, is the setup and annual services fee. You pay us the fees outlined below based on the number of clients you have live with us. There are no minimums. You charge your clients any amount you wish since you'll handle the billing with them. Therefore, you keep all of the profit.

If your total number of live websites with us is under 5:
View plan descriptions here.

Setup Fee
Annual Fee

If your total number of live websites with us is over 4:
View plan descriptions here.

Setup Fee
Annual Fee

(for add-on items we charge you our standard prices)

  1. Second, is our custom designed and full color printing products. For each order your client places over $150 you receive a $50 credit on your next billing. We also run special sales periodically on our printing products which we will advertise directly to your clients on your behalf. Even when they place an order from our promotions you still receive the $50 credit. Because we advertise pricing directly to your clients there isn't the opportunity for your markup. So, we credit you $50 per order instead.
  2. Third, is to charge a premium for add-on services such as domain registrations.

How We Help You Market You!

Once you are ready to become a White Label Reseller of our services we will send you the Reseller Kit which will contain:

  1. Program Overview
  2. Our Marketing Brochure in Microsoft Word format so that you can make changes and add your own logo.
  3. Our reseller contract that serves as the agreement between you and us.
  4. Our standard contract pre-filled with your company name for your clients to agree to our terms.
  5. Our sales support to answer your questions about our features and services. We're also happy to walk you through our features and services so that you have a good understanding of what you are selling.

Depending on your needs, we also provide the following services to help you build your business:

  1. Access to our unbranded website which you can share with your potential clients so they can learn more about the website process, features and designs. This also includes a demo website so they can see a website in action.
  2. Your own Private Reseller Website on your domain name. You'll be able to control your own content and have your own signup and question forms. Plus, our sample designs and features list on your website will be automatically updated by us. This also includes your own private demo website to show off your features in action. The cost for the Private Reseller Website is $300 per year which includes your domain name, website, features and our hands-on support.

How to Get Started

If you would like to take advantage of our special White Label program or have questions please contact us and tell us a little about your project. We'll let you know how we can help.


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