Our community had a very challenging website to navigate and frustrating for many. We were introduced to HOA Sites from a neighboring community and now we cannot be more pleased. Our project manager was great and very patient with our team as none of us had experience setting up and managing a website. Our questions were all answered clearly and in just minutes.

We were able to go live with our site in less than 6 weeks after beginning our project. We have been live for less than a week and our community has had a great response. Our questions continue to get answered within minutes from the support team. Thanks to all at HOA Sites.
— Sallie C. Ballantrae at Creekstone
I would like to thank you and the rest of your support team for responding so quickly and clearly to my questions. Responding within minutes even after your normal business hours. I sent the original request at 7:36 pm (Pacific) and then shut down for the night. Imagine my surprise this morning when I see you replied 3 minutes later. We all feel so gratefull that we found your company. Amazing service and support. We couldn't be happier.
— Steve S, Sagewood Meadows
I want to compliment HOA Sites and our project manager for the tremendous support provided during our setup period. Patience was evident and needed when our questions were dumb, but all worked out in the end. As the first website that I and my team have ever been involved with, we couldn't have been better supported.
— Henry M, Somerset Townhomes
I came to HOA Sites after my previous provider raised their rates by 60% in a single year. My only regret is that I didn't make the move sooner. Creating a new website for our community seemed to be a daunting task and I have to admit that I felt overwhelmed with what was in front of me. What made dealing with HOA Sites different from other providers was the fact that I was able to initiate contact on the phone and the support person I spoke with was able to provide answers to all of my questions. That wasn't possible with other providers. Once I started building my website and was was assigned a Project Manager, I could have called to ask questions or get technical support however it really wasn't needed. I communicated with my Project Manager using support tickets so all my questions and answers were fully documented. The support from my Project Manager happened within minutes of a submission in the ticket system and sometimes it was instantaneous! The tools provided to assist in creating the website content were intuitive and easy to use. The technical support I received was nothing short of spectacular and all of my questions were answered professionally, succinctly and in a very timely fashion. I gotta admit that I was skeptical when I started but you have to experience this level of support for yourself. These folks have it down to a science. After experiencing this level of support, I can't imagine why anyone would use any other company.
— Dale B, Windsor Forest POA
Having taken our new website live was a great moment. The support which we received on so many levels was much appreciated. Probably the most outstanding thing was the speed and responsiveness with which our questions were answered. Several of us are now working actively with the website.
— Joerg S, The Overlook at Williams Creek
The product and implementation process more than met expectations. I especially like how much control we have over making future updates and changes to the site. The support was exceptionally quick and professional.
— Chris B, Oaks North
You have built a remarkable customer service team backing up a terrific platform the company developed specifically for HOA/POA operations. In the history (of my world), I have never experienced faster or more accurate responses to our tickets submitted for managing our new website. This is why I feel that HOA Sites is FASTER THAN FAST and BETTER THAN THE BEST in the many years I have interfaced with customer support teams for any business operation.

Your patience and guidance during the development phase were equally FASTER THAN FAST and BETTER THAN BEST. (My apologies for using all caps). Thanks to your team for helping our POA deliver for our members.
— Robert R, Peachtree Court POA
Well that was easy! Thank you for offering such a great platform, and great support! We appreciate it!
— Steve W, Meadowood
I've been a customer of HOA Sites since 2017 and I wanted to let you know how happy I've been with your company. From the very beginning of setting the site up until yesterday when I found something that wasn't working correctly on my website everyone I've contacted has been super helpful and quick in resolving my issue.
— Rob B, Collwood Park HOA
The process was really simple. It seems overwhelming at first, but following the set up guide really makes it a step by step process. The designer was always responsive and quickly resolved any help tickets. Really looking forward to seeing the community use this website. It will allow us to easily provide information to our members, keep track of dues, and stay updated on residents as the move in and out of the community.
— Wynngate HOA
Just want to let you know that you people are running a great web site. It is coming all together for me as I become more and more familiar with how things work. I am really happy as to my progress and I am not a "high tech" person. You make everything simple and easy to understand.
— Paul M, Morgan Hill PA Community
Having viewed various examples of HOA websites built by HOA Sites, we at Montage at Danforth Green knew we had the right platform to build ours. Not only were our expectations justified, but our experience of working with our Project Manager was simply delightful. No matter the question we had, he provided prompt, steady, and clear guidance. We never had to go back to him twice with the same question. His help with reformatting photos we submitted for the slideshow was simply remarkable. The result was a beautiful and user-friendly website, which has drawn praise and appreciation from our community.
— Aniruddha B, Montage at Danforth Green
As a Board of volunteer Directors, we truly appreciate the patience and knowledge we have received during the website set up period as well as the support afterwards. The time you took to work with us through which, I would imagine, were very minute problems was fantastic. As a member of the communications committee, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you highly to any other neighborhood board.
— Cathey S, Enchanted Valley HOA
We have enjoyed building our club's site with HOA Sites. Our project manager is so awesome to work with. This is the 5th site we've built with HOA Sites. The process is simple and the result is so professional.
— Ally D, Valencia Lakes Pickleball Club
Our community website was very outdated, and we needed to find a way to update it with something that would provide an easy to use system that included all the features we need. After much research, we decided on HOA Sites and couldn’t be more pleased and happy with the results. Our project manager was very knowledgeable, patient, and great to work with guiding me through the process of customizing the site to get the look and feel we wanted. Tickets submitted through the admin panel were answered quickly and informatively and included many helpful suggestions that we were able to utilize. A great job and great results.
— Wes S, The Villages at Hillview
The website set up process has been simple and straightforward--almost plug and play. As a non-computer savvy individual (HOA Board President), I was able to build out our site in a couple of weeks, working periodically throughout that time. The support team and our assigned manager were on top of requests. As we go live, I dreaded the process to add users but that has also been super easy, one click to add or deny. Very happy our Board decided to use HOA Sites.
— Elaine D, Bennett's Creek Landing
This is my fourth and by far largest and most complex implementation of the Association software from HOA Sites. This project exceeded our initial expectations by far and has been so much fun to implement. With over 100 content pages, another 30 feature pages and well over 100 content administrators, our new website has truly been designed by our residents for our residents.

Our web designer was so easy to work with, very responsive and always had the answer to my questions. The software offers the flexibility to meet almost all of our requirements and looks great as well! I highly recommend HOA Sites for any HOA looking for a website that not only meets the needs of your community but offers the ability to involve your residents in the design and operation of it as well. We are thrilled with our results!
— Kim P, SunRiver St George
I want to thank my web designer for the support. You have been outstanding in helping me understand how to navigate through a system that was new to me. In the beginning, I was concerned about the support and the end design of the website. With the knowledge you passed to me, I soon relaxed and understood that I had made the correct decision.
— Johnnie G, The Sherwood Association
We were long overdue in updating our association website, and after much research, we decided on HOA Sites. We could not be more pleased and delighted with the results. We had zero experience putting a website together. We took our time working closely with our project manager who was a tremendous help along the way. He was patient, pleasant, professional and a great partner in helping us developing a site that is getting great reviews from our association members. Hoping the follow-up on the back end is as good as our working relationship in developing the site. I highly recommend HOA Sites for use in developing a website. Great product at a very reasonable cost.
— Stephen S, Woodland Pond
Thanks so much! Your customer service has always been amazingly helpful and responsive and I really appreciate that.
— Kevin L, Olde Providence
This is our homeowners association's first website. We did not have experience doing this before. HOA Sites has great support. There is a lot to learn and documentation is written in easy to understand language. Our designer was right there with prompt replies when needed. There are tons of features built in to the software. So, we have room to grow and look forward to this becoming a valued asset to our members.
— Bruce S, Lake Doster Association
It's been great working with our web designer and I will always be grateful for the invaluable help he provided over the months it took us to go live. The promptness and completeness of his replies were most appreciated. Other adult communities recommended HOA Sites to us mostly because of the availability of a dedicated support person that your company provides for each account during development. That made the process painless and seamless. I already recommended your company to one of my contacts and I will continue to do so.
— Ronnie L, Valencia Reserve HOA
I am the president of the Alamo Placita Neighbors Association and we recently went live on our new site with HOA Sites. The overriding factor in choosing HOA Sites as our new platform was the fact that we were assigned a designated project manager with whom we had direct access throughout the entire design to launch process. I cannot believe our good fortune in being assigned to work with our project manager. He made the process easy to understand, was creative in his problem solving, and took the time to work through any issues I had. He was never too busy to help, had a very quick response time, and always made me feel like I was the only client he was working with. Both technical and customer service skills are superior and you have quite an asset in him. I, and our entire association, look forward to a long relationship with HOA Sites. My only point of concern is that I will no longer have my direct line to our project manager! Based on my experience with HOA Sites to this point, I am confident that my future interaction with other employees will be equally impressive.
— Wendy S, Alamo Placita
Working with HOA Sites on our community website has been a fabulous experience. My dedicated project manager was Johnny-on-the-spot every time I needed him. He was patient with me as we went through the development process and as I changed things around a bazillion times. He guided me, gave me advice and instruction when I needed it and helped me put together a very professional website in no time at all. I recommend HOA Sites whole-heartedly---and for everything you get, the price can't be beat!
— Ally D, Valencia Lakes POA
This is my second website with HOA Sites. The features are amazing, the software is quite intuitive, and the people I've worked with are responsive and knowledgeable. Development was smooth, and going live went without a hitch...all links worked. Honestly...I can't think of anything they could do better. A++++
— Rick W, The Shores at Rainbow Lake HOA
Our new website went live today and feedback has been immediately extremely positive. The overall project was completed in two months with great and very responsive support from our web designer. I am also very impressed with the design methodology HOA Sites employs to direct novice people toward success. The roadmap of tasks to accomplish is very beneficial. The basic notion of keep it simple at the beginning, don't overwhelm your initial customers, and expand and grow later is simple and self-evident. I'm sure failure to heed these simple maxims has led others to failure.

The overall platform is well-designed. Once mastered, the power of the system is extensive, but it takes time and energy. I had previously designed a site with one of your competitors, and the level and quality of design support to get the system built is far superior with HOA Sites. I am hopeful the ongoing support capabilities similarly function as well.

Special thanks to my designer again, for his responsiveness, diplomacy, technical smarts and courtesy. It was a real pleasure working with him.
— Stanley W, Porters Neck HOA
I volunteered to develop the site from scratch for our HOA. I had no web development experience whatsoever. The good and bad news is that the HOA Sites platform offers every combination and permutation of features one would want. We finally completed a highly functional site for our HOA. But I could never have come close to finishing the job without the without the expert & proactive support from our personal web designer.
— Joe P, Newagen Colony
There are tons of website providers but there is one great designer who happens to work for you. In your business, customers come to you with all levels of computer/website construction knowledge. As a Board member for our HOA, I volunteered to re-do our ancient website. In my case, I had almost no knowledge of constructing a website nor what I would be getting into as I subsequently learned. My designer has patience to teach and guide and a willingness to help out when needed. In the course of developing this website, he had to explain numerous tasks multiple times for me to get it. I would say he went far above and beyond and for that reason alone, I would offer that if all your staff has his skills then we are doing business with the right company. Thanks, and the end result is getting kudos!!
— Gib S, Summerset 1
I found the process pretty easy to follow and my project manager was terrific. Questions were answered quickly and he made suggestions when I asked for direction on design etc.
— Marsha N, Beach Woods
My project manager was very knowledgeable, patient and wonderful to work with. This was my first website and he answered my many, many questions with specific instructions and wonderful good humor. The website went live today and it looks fantastic!
— Meg B, Peak Properties, LLC
I set up our HOA website about a month ago with a little help from the HOA Sites staff. It took me many hours over a couple of weeks to get everything the way I wanted it to look, but it was worth the effort. Our home owners are quite happy with their new source of information and the impression the site gives! (Survey #1: 100% of respondents think our website is good or great!) We now have an excellent way to track members, send emails, create interest groups, publish a calendar and more. Consider this a 5 star review.
— Kerry S, Fieldstone HOA
It was a pleasure working with our project manager at HOA Sites. This was our third time working with HOA Sites and he did a very professional job guiding me through the process of customizing the HOA site with the design we had chosen. His assistance in choosing the best design, after viewing our previous site, was spot on. He is both knowledgeable in the software features and responsive to questions and concerns. Tickets submitted through the admin panel are answered rapidly and correctly. Having a great deal of previous experience using website design tools, with his assistance, I was able to complete the design, test and go live in 2 weeks. The results produced the most feature rich, professional website our HOA has been able to provide to our owners. In summary, we are happy with our choice of HOA Sites and their excellent tools and support to accomplish our goals.
— Brian M, Motorchoach Resort St. Lucie West HOA
I have worked closely with my project manager at HOA Sites. He did a very professional job guiding me through the process of customizing the HOA site with the template design we had chosen. We had to make several tweaks on the Logo, home page, contacts and overall aspect. He is both knowledgeable in the software features and responsive to questions and concerns. Tickets submitted through the admin panel are answered rapidly and correctly. As he pointed out at the beginning of the process, it can take a few days or several months to implement the software depending on the need. Having gone through the process, I estimate that three to six months is realistic for an implementation. Remember that the website needs to be designed, tested and approved by the board or association. Once we identified our pages, sub-menus and security roles, the features and pages were quickly customized.

In summary, we are happy with our choice for the software and I would highly recommend them.
— Remy A, Admiral Towers
HOA Sites is responsive, provided us suggestions and really helped us learn their site through the implementation process. Our condo decided to leave a previous provider of website services as we could never get them to respond to us. Not so with HOA Sites, they were responsive from the RFP process through the implementation, usually responding within minutes during their normal work hours. We bonded with our Web Design Project Manager. He was knowledgeable, always there with ideas and patient with us!!!

We highly recommend HOA sites, call us to verify that, and look forward to working with our new site for many years to come.
— Colleen G, 1522 on the Lake
This was the first time our condo association developed its own website, and I can't tell you how happy we were (and are) with the various website layout options, the process, and the incredible support along the way.

While HOA Sites was referred to us, having gone through the process from start to finish, I can see why they came so highly recommended.

Our project manager was simply amazing - guiding me through each step of the process and answering all of my many questions along the way. His response time was extremely impressive, professional, well-organized, and clear.

Not having any web design / creation skills, having a personal web designer with me the entire way was extremely helpful. The one thing that I really liked about working with our designer is that he always explained how things should be done - as opposed to doing it for me. This really helped me navigate around the site much better (in Admin mode) and enabled me to become more comfortable with making changes on my own, and becoming more self-sufficient.

I cannot say enough great things about HOA Sites and our designer and highly recommend them to anyone looking to create a website for their HOA or Condo Association.
— James D, Brightwater Point
Just wanted you to know that our designer has been a pleasure to work with. Always prompt, always informative, always polite and friendly. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job, he's the best!
— Bob L, RiverSea Plantation
We are so happy we chose HOA Sites to help us build our website! Our contact person was the most knowledgeable and patient person to work with. He was always there to answer any questions we had and made everything easy to understand, and believe me I had a lot of questions:) And when he wasn't there, someone was always there to help right away. He made our transition from an old website to our new one an easy one. I never had more than a few minutes wait time on any question I had. We just went live today and it has been a great experience. Thank you to everyone at HOA Sites and especially our designer, he has been great! We look forward to working with HOA Sites and so Happy I found you!!! We give you 5 stars on everything!!
— Diane H, Greenfield Plantation HOA
My website project manager was very professional, knowledgeable and fantastic to work with! He answered my questions quickly and guided me through rough patches. The site was very easy to use after taking the time to navigate thru the Administration Panel and Instructions. I was able to design and edit the site quickly with excellent results.

Our designer was amazing at helping me thru every step of the way to transition our domain name from our other service provider; the transition was seamless!

I can't say enough about HOA Sites support! They are 2nd to none and it's always a comforting feeling knowing that I will have a quick response; less that 5 minutes during normal working hours! During the build process I could send in questions before I went to bed and I would have answers by the time I got up. The support after going live did not change either, and continued to be outstanding. It's also comforting to know that in the event the website goes down the support team is alerted immediately.

HOA Sites is also very open to enhancement recommendations. They have disclosed all the enhancements since 2011 and also identify which ones come from end users. It's nice to have a voice and know they are listening.

I love the transparency of information and ticket response time on our website and on the HOA Website. HOA Sites is on top of it!

I highly recommend HOA sites for managing a POA / HOA and for simply providing a tool to increase community engagement and participation. It's a great tool for residents and property owners to communicate with each other, share information and organize events!
— Beverly Z, Keowee Springs
Words aren't enough to thank you for your patience and support as we've built our website over the last month. We'll raise a glass in your honor when we are out celebrating our achievement! We know now that we made a great decision when we decided to go with HOA Sites to provide our site.

We wish you all the best - thank you again for your help!
— Lynn B, Emerald Pointe RV Resort
Working with HOA Sites is always a great experience. The CMS backend is easy to use and their support is second to none! The new website designs are beautiful and allow you to create a site that completely reflects the identity of your community. Also, working with our designer was amazing! His response time to our issues and questions seemed to be instantaneous and he made the entire process seamless and enjoyable.
— William M, Chaddsford
Our website is complete and we are beyond thrilled at the outcome! I was asked to handle this project and yes, at times I thought I'd taken on too big of a challenge. But our website designer patiently held my hand and talked me through the tough moments. Professional, courteous, and knowledgeable, he helped me achieve our goal. I chose one of the premium designs and did we ever get premium results! It is EXACTLY what our HOA Board of Directors had envisioned - a high quality and superb website!

I looked at several other HOA website design companies but I chose HOA Sites because I was impressed with their products and I wanted someone there to help guide me through the process. I can say without any reservation that they more than surpassed my expectations. No cookie cutter look for us - unique, elegant, and impressive. Thank you for providing excellent service. A five star recommendation!
— Denise J, Beacon Hill
What a relief to know that you always have help just a click away! What an incredible way to build an HOA website! Our old website still had the same photos that they put on it 10 years ago. There was a picture of a boy around 10 years old that was still on there when they took it down. Im sure that boy is in college by now!

The staff is so helpful and patient! At times I felt like I was asking dumb questions, but they never seemed frustrated or put out. Every question I asked was immediately answered, within business hours of course! I had to change my mind 10 times on the color and never once did they get upset. They were always willing to accommodate. Thanks Guys, I'm sure you will hear from me again as we grow!
— Laura B, Emerald Lake
We went with the standard website. But the customer service was anything but standard. My web designer was very knowledgeable and fantastic to work with. He answered my questions quickly and guided through rough patches. The site was very easy to use after a little assistance navigating the admin panel. I was able to design and edit the site quickly with excellent results.

I highly recommend HOA Sites to any homeowners’ organization wanting a professional, but affordable designed website.
— Melba W, The Misty Glen
As a property management company, it was very important that our site look professionally done, and we couldn’t be happier with the results! Our designer was amazing and helped each step of the way. He took extra care to ensure that our email and website never went down during the switch over, which as a business was very important to us. I highly recommend HOA Sites to both other management companies and communities in need of a professional site!
— Tiffany C, Southern Property Management
I was so nervous about the whole new website thing, but HOA Sites made everything so easy. Please do not be intimidated. The entire process is broken down into manageable steps. As one completes a step, it is on to the next. If there are questions, and there will be lots, response time is minutes. In fact, I completed HOA Sites’ contact form on a Saturday and I actually received a phone call (from a cell number no less) in about an hour.

Their customer service is truly outstanding. My project manager was extremely patient and answered my questions thoroughly in every instance and I am sure I probably asked the same question time and time again. Yes, the process can be confusing, but with HOA Sites support, you can do it.

Again, the support guys know everything!! I could not stump my project manager. I cannot say enough. If you are thinking of a new community web site vendor, you gotta sign with HOA Sites. You will not regret it.
— Mia R, Cypress Landing Yacht Club
We were a committee of three, with no website design experience among us, given the mission of creating a new website from scratch, for our homeowners association. Our old site was over ten years old and had become totally disorganized. Our HOA Sites designer was fantastic in helping to guide us through the step-by-step setup process. He must have incredible patience. His responses to our questions were amazingly thorough and fast. We could not be more pleased with the outcome. Our site is just what we envisioned, and we could not be happier. We would highly recommend HOA Sites for their professionalism and customer service.
— Rusty N, Kimbrough Grove
Our homeowners association was unique in that we had covenants, but did not have required member dues. We are a rural subdivision with limited requirements for home owners and only voluntary donations to become a member of the Association. But our web designer was very patient with this 73 year board president and helped us patiently to get our HOA site complete, informative, inviting, and functional. We are so thankful for his help in getting Fox Ridge HOA website online. We selected HOA Sites over several other companies and are very happy with our site.
— Doug P, Fox Ridge
The incredible depth of information provided on the HOA Sites website gave me a detailed picture of what our HOA website could look like and how it could function. I loved viewing all the design options with interactive demos and live client examples. Their website and their pre-sales consultant gave me confidence in their product and their process. Thanks to my web designer for his quick, friendly and professional assistance!
— Kent J, Bermuda Club
You've been absolutely fantastic to work with. This was my first time EVER doing something like this and you made it easy. It's a frustrating thing to create something like this but when you work with a team of folks like yourself it's 100 times easier. The site looks great. I 100% percent recommend both working with you and HOA Sites.
— Rich B, Grand Terrace
In the 30 days between signing up and going live with our website, we had many opportunities to experience the timely, professional and personable support from our web professional and the entire team at HOA Sites. What seemed like such a daunting challenge proved quite manageable as we followed their step-by-step process. We are happy with the result and most pleased with the support we have gotten.
— Kent W, Bundoran Farm
Our HOA recently left a management company that we had been with for ten years. This required us to create our own website. Luckily, we found the perfect website for us. The functionality is going to be great for our 55 and older residents. Building the website, while overwhelming at first, but went smoothly with the service that was provided. A question was asked and an answer was quickly given. I would recommend this company for any HOA.
— Teresa T, Towne Center Villas
Our previous website was not utilized much due to the lack of forums, surveys, etc. HOA Sites is a mature and well designed offering. You can choose from many formats and implement as many features as needed. To develop the site takes a little getting use to, but the Admin Panel is full featured and well designed to allow you to customize as needed. You are not locked into a fixed template like other sites. Developer support is done with support tickets and response is minutes. Overall, a very nice product with great support.
— Ken R, Lakeview Estates
Thank you for guiding me through the process. HOA Sites was recommended to me by a client of yours. He had compared 4 different providers before his association chose HOA Sites. I compared 3 others before we made the decision. Your organization is offering a good service.
— Paul C, The Mariner of Marco Island
It was a pleasure working with HOA Sites for our web page. They made everything so easy and were very efficient. I am so glad that we decided to go with them. Thanks again for all of your help!
— Mary N, Italian American Society of SW Florida
HOA Sites was great to work with in developing and building our website. Everything that they say in their promotional materials is the truth! Our website is up and running now, and the process was very easy. Our website designer was always available, prompt, professional and very easy to work with. He offered suggestions if he thought we could improve what we were doing. I can't say enough about this great product.
— Patricia B, Parkhaven
Our community website went live today and we are already getting a lot of positive feedback. We now have a great looking website. We are very pleased with the folks at HOA sites, especially our web designer. He answered all our questions within minutes and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The whole process was well structured and the features that HOA sites provide is quite impressive. We replaced an old html coded website with the HOA site and the actual cost of the new site is cheaper than our old one plus now we have many more features. The Email Publisher alone will save us money and a lot of hours of work to generate our community announcements. We would highly recommend HOA site for you website.
— Bert K, Dunbarton
I had never produced a neighborhood website before and the task was daunting. But my web designer helped me through by answering all my questions promptly and guiding me to make what I think will be a website of great use to our residents. It was actually fun putting it together, and I could not be happier with HOA Sites' services.
— W. Myers, Eagle Pointe
I greatly appreciated that my designer was very quick to answer all of my questions to get the site up and running. We went through a fairly formal process with a focus group evaluation/test team...so it took us a while to go live but every question was answered literally within minutes. Not having to wait for answers is so helpful when you've got limited time that you can dedicate! There is a robust feature set available and we have taken advantage of quite a few of the capabilities already and envision adding a few more in next year. We chose the evolution design and love the fact that it scales so well across all platforms! So far, we are very, very pleased!
— Susan F, Woodstock Knoll
Fantastic support and services. HOA Sites offers a broad range of features in a bundle that can't be beat. I am thrilled I chose HOA Sites for our community!
— Joel P, Beaver Lake Estates
Our previous webmaster disappeared and we could not get into our current website. In a panic, I contacted HOA Sites to help. They responded within hours to my phone call. I worked with our web designer at HOA Sites to get a brand new website up and running in 10 days! They were remarkably responsive and very professional to work with. I would recommend them to anyone!
— Patty K, Friends of Bonita Springs Library
We have had mediocre success with earlier community websites. Either they were difficult to maintain or members found them next to impossible to navigate. They also looked dated. They were static sites and not able to be easily updated. We started looking at our options and are very happy we found HOA Sites. The sign up process was a breeze, and the development of the site---from beginning to end---was a breeze. Our website developer was always available and answered questions so that a non-technical person can understand the answer. From beginning to end, it took less than a week to go from concept to our LIVE site. Best of all, feedback from oir members has been extremely positive.
— Greg M, Sabino Mountain
I have to admit that at first I was a bit overwhelmed with the thought of designing a website...something I have never done before! Our web designer and HOA Sites made it such a wonderful learning experience. You were always so quick to respond in answering my questions, giving advice and providing detailed instructions. Responsive, courteous, friendly & professional are just a few of the words used to describe the support staff. We love our site and could not be more pleased with HOA Sites! Best decision we ever made!
— Sherri S, Raywood Manor
Our website has been alive for just over two months now and we have been extremely impressed with HOA Sites expertise and quality of support services throughout the entire process. Their website is one of the most informative and convenient that I have ever used. Pre-order sales responses to questions have been timely, informative and honest; implementation of the site was accomplished in a short time-frame due to their systematic procedure and timely responses by the assigned website designer; and the administrative software is both intuitive and user-friendly, making the website easy to update with new information. The website was well received by our community, and our website implementation committee members received praise for their efforts. The best decision the committee made was selecting HOA Sites as our software and service provider.
— Robert W, Pine Hill Estates
After looking at a number of different options, our Board of Directors chose HOA Sites and they couldn't have made a better decision. HOA Sites understands the needs of a residential community and the features they offer for website design and functionality are a perfect fit. As the web administrator for our community, I had a great experience working with my designer on setting up our first website. He answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. In addition to having hands-on help from my designer, the instructions and explanations provided by HOA Sites are spot on! It's really nice not to feel alone when taking on a big project like this. Thanks!
— Ranice C, KyFields Towne Homes
It has been a pleasure working with our web designer on the initial design phase of our website. He was knowledgeable, willing to work with me and very responsive. At times, with the speed of his responses it seemed as though two close friends were texting each other. He also has been a great source of information and he is a credit to your company and his profession.
— Robert H, Osprey Oaks
We are a condo association needing to build a presence on the web mostly for our condo members but for anyone looking to rent or buy in our complex. If I can do this, anyone can do this! The web designer was such a great help and made the process not only easy but relatively enjoyable. His responses were professional, easy to understand, patient, and very timely. Feedback, so far, from the website that we created is that it is very easy to navigate and user friendly. We love that we can edit the site ourselves and to do so seems relatively effortless. We have been very pleased with HOA Sites and would highly recommend them.
— Jennifer S, Sarasota Harbour East
HOA Sites is professional and their support staff responds quickly. The directions that they provide are step-by-step and easy to follow.
— Jill C, Saddlebrook of Deland
We researched several options before deciding to go with HOA Sites. This process was very easy to follow and our web developer was great to work with. We are very happy with the results and highly recommend this company.
— Chris J, SK Willow Ridge Estates
Our HOA's designer was first rate. He was very flexible in handling various tweaks and enhancements we suggested. His support team has been terrific.
— Len H, Vickery Lake
I just want to let you know that in the near future I will no longer be an Admin. I have enjoyed working with each one of you over the last almost 3 years. You have always worked with me in a very timely and professional manner and helped me very much. I would also like to say that your product is rock solid and I would recommend it to any HOA.
— John S, Sweetwater Oaks
HOA Sites has been a dream come true for our community. We were looking for a more beautiful, robust, feature-rich, and easy to use website for our community and HOA Sites delivered! The design process with our web designer was seamless from start to finish and he swiftly accommodated all of our requests with patience and a positive attitude. With HOA Sites, we got even more than we expected and we couldn't be happier with the value and the final product. Excellent service. Superb quality. Highly recommended.
— Carrie M, Newport Cove
As a first time website builder with your help, I have to say that my contact was really put to the test. Not only was I a novice, but the time constraints played a major role. I would ask a question and not be able to read the response for maybe 2 or 3 days. My web designer never missed a beat. He would pick up just where we left off and would answer the same question 3 or 4 times before I got it. He was patient and went beyond what I expected. You have a good team.
— Jan C, Rialto at Hammock Bay
After having a terrible experience with another website provider, going with HOA Sites was such a pleasure! Development of the website with their tools was so easy and our web designer was always so quick to get back to us and so helpful. He explained everything thoroughly and in user friendly terms. I would highly recommend!
— Susan M, The Hunt Club
I looked at condosites.net, associationvoice.com, neighborhoodlink.com and hoa-express.com, but it was HOA Sites that offered the best blend of design and features for the price. In fact, it was the template designs and the ability to customize access levels that really sold me. It was a pleasure to work with my assigned web designer. He was responsive and flexible to our needs, which allowed us to completely re-launch our condo association website through HOA Sites in about 2 business days. The Admin interface is simple and intuitive once you get the hang of it, so I am confident that I can pass on the torch of web administration to another member of the condo board in the future. You guys rock!
— Scott Z, 5501 Hudson Ave Condo Association
We were extremely pleased with the structured and clear manner in which we were able to bring our new website live. The support from our designer was prompt, courteous and efficient. The flexibility offered by the various templates is great and shows a real understanding of the potential needs of homeowner communities. We look forward to continuing to grow our usage over time.
— Heidi N, Pheasant Run
I have just completed the construction of our HOA website. HOA Sites design process and designer assistance were excellent. Editing the website is easy and intuitive. If you are considering a website for your HOA, I highly recommend using HOA Sites.
— Guy B, Tierra de Oro
Working with our site developer was an absolute pleasure. Not only was he timely in his responses to our questions, but his responses were concise and understandable. Although there was a learning curve for this first time site developer, we were able to design and populate the site in a week. Of the many reasons for choosing HOA Sites as the developer, primary were the professional appearance of our site and its many features. HOA Sites did not let us down.
— Harold S, Maplewood of Vacaville
I have now done 2 websites with HOA Sites and there is no way I could have done this without them! I am very old school, technology and I do not get along. Our web designer walked me through this with the patience of a Saint! The choice of websites was great, and as intimidating as it looked at first, it really was an easy step-by-step process (I was over-thinking it). The almost instantaneous answers to my questions was really helpful! I cannot THANK YOU enough!
— Nancy Z, Morgan Crossing
HOA Sites made my website development both quick and easy. I am super impressed with the responsivness of the development team, the quality of the final product and the speed to implementation. I am very excited to share this beautiful new website with my neighbors today.
— Jim M, Sierra
This was a great and easy experience! The website is set up to easily walk you through the process and the tech support person was very prompt with his replies - our neighborhood is very excited to have this new website!
— Jana H, Buena Vista Ranchos
For the past 10 years HOA Sites has taken care of our website. We recently had them redesign our website to be mobile friendly. Not only did the they give us a professional looking website, they took care of moving all of our text and photos to the new website and made the pages look great. As always, thank you for your quick and responsive support.
— Jay S, ISABB
Thank you! Can I just say how awesome all of you are? I wish that every single organization that we work with was as speedy and helpful as your staff.
— Tina G, St Michael Parish
This is the second time I've used HOA Sites. The first time was to build a site for my HOA. I was so impressed with how easy it was and how they helped me through the entire process that I decided to use them again to build a site for the swim and tennis club in my neighborhood. Again, they were awesome and I had the site built in a short amount of time. Our web designer was the best! He was tremendously helpful in putting the pieces together and making decisions on structure, colors and graphics. HOA Sites makes building and maintaining websites a breeze! Thanks!
— Bret L, Queens Forest Swim & Tennis Club
When our community decided to have a website, we checked out many providers before we agreed on HOA Sites. From the beginning they answered all of my questions and made it easy. Once our web designer got involved in the process of building our website, he made my first attempt at creating a website so much easier. This is not an easy thing for a novice to attempt but these guys helped me through it all. I'm glad that we decided to go with them for our website.
— Robert H, Great Oaks North Community Association
After a long, exhaustive search for turnkey website services providers, I came across HOA Sites and signed up immediately. I was looking to replace an aging and unmanageable site that was 9 years old and had become stale. HOA Sites allowed me to replace that with a brand new, fully functioning turnkey solution in less than 3 weeks. The help provided by our web designer during the onboarding process was invaluable. I would highly recommend HOA Sites to any neighborhood that is looking to either replace or create a brand new website for their association.
— Srini R, Blackhawk Neighborhood
Our web designer did an exceptional job. He was always quick to respond to any requests, and the site went up in no time at all. This is the 4th site we have done and it has become the defacto standard for our community websites. Owners and Boards love the site. Thanks for making this easy for us non-tecky folks to manage websites easily.
— John M, Bridgewater at Eagle Harbor
Having a homeowners association as part of a community requires having a website, and selecting HOA Sites to help build ours was a very good decision. Their website developers were very knowledgeable, user-friendly, and above all professional. Thank you HOA Sites ...Our neighborhood is that much better with the website you helped provide.
— William T, Towne Pointe at Carriage Crossing
I am amazed at how quickly my website came together! I thought it would take about a month, but it was up and running within a week. And it was so easy, especially with the step-by-step process. I highly recommend this website service to any organization wanting a professionally designed website. That was my goal and I believe I accomplished it with HOA Sites! Thank you!
— Sarah E, Taylorsville Girl Scout Troop 6106
Your software gave us everything we wanted and more. And our Web Designer was outstanding and responsive. He made the process a breeze.
— John & Dawn C, Huntington Hills POA
I just want to say that your support was exceptional. I can highly recommend HOA Sites for anyone who needs to develop a professional quality website. The tools and automation really help and the personal touch of a professional web designer make for an unbeatable combination -- especially if you are trying to get a site up on the web quickly. From my experience, all support questions were answered in minutes. They truly care about their customers!
— John M, The Ridges of Glendilough
I have now set up two condominium websites with HOA Sites. I was afraid I wouldn't be knowledgeable enough to set it up because I have never done this before, but the format was intuitive. In the initial setup, they always responded quickly to any questions. They have obviously done this before because the setup process was well documented and very detailed in instructions. They were great to work with. We are very pleased with our new websites.
— Carol R, Lakeview Cottages
HOA Sites has been great to work with in refreshing our website's design! Our web designer was prompt, professional and never pressured me to launch our website within a certain window. They have a large selection of designs to choose from and I was able to find the perfect one for our community. If you're looking looking to build a website for your association, you won't find an easier process, better price or better selction than HOA Sites. Thank you!
— Jameson H, Casitas Arden
Our web designer helped the Tanyard Springs Community create a beautiful website using your tools. He was very efficient and professional, giving guidance and helping with our support questions. He made our transition a smoother transition than we expected.
— Lance K, Tanyard Springs HOA
The process of setting up our website through HOA Sites was much easier than I thought. I have never set up a site prior to this and was a bit apprehensive. Our web designer was extremely helpful in answering all my questions/concerns, and soon that apprehension was gone. I am extremely happy with the look and function of our new website. Thank you!
— Cheryl L, Fairway Club
HOA Sites has been a great partner! This was my 3rd site configured with them over the past 3 years. This site was fully configured and went live in 2 weeks. Our designer was awesome! He offered advice on how to properly configure the site and was very, very responsive during the design process. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HOA Sites if you need a great website quickly.
— Dan P, Judge Phan for US Congress
I was a little nervous, working with a more professionally designed website, but the support was great! I thought it would take a month for me to get everything set up but was surprised to find that it only took a week!
— Sarah E, Applewood Farm HOA
This website developer/hosting, designed specifically for HOA's, has well exceeded my hopes and expectations. Our HOA had been reluctant to open a website thinking it would be difficult to develop, time-consuming to manage, and expensive. HOA Sites gave us the benefit of a business model that has been designed specifically for the HOA niche - this allowed us to concentrate on what has worked well for other HOA's and not clutter the site. The development could not have been easier and we had incredible support in creating what works so well for us. It is apparent that this company has taken a very strategic approach to specialize in the HOA area, do it properly, and continually update their process. A great product & service!
— Myrna J, Sundance Estates
HOA Sites made a potentially complex process for setting up our homeowners website to an easy to-follow-steps experience. For each step in the process, our assigned web designer guided us and provided outstanding customer support. Thanks you so much HOA Sites for making our website page look professional and easy to use.
— Alberto, Seven Bridges Estates
I am extremely pleased with the the entire process from start to finish, the design choices and the service I have received setting up our website. My designer was always very helpful and fast in replying to my questions and wishes. I could not give HOA Sites a better recommendation. The end result is a very professional web site! Thanks so much!
— Marie B, Paces Lake
The process of setting up a website was so much easier than I expected! Within one week, we took down our 1990's era site and replaced it with a sophisticated, clean, user friendly site. Our neighborhood is ecstatic!
— Alicia J, Briarcroft
We launched our website a week ago, and have been thoroughly impressed and delighted with the support team whom helped us to build our site! Quick to repond to any inquiries, they always resolve any issues and questions posed to them. Incredibly intuitive, friendly, and knowledgeable team - created a unique and positive environment to help us establish and maintain our site. Thank you for all you do! HOA Sites is clearly the number 1 choice in the market when it comes to building a fantastic webpage that serves our community!
— Christy T, Buckhead North
I just had to thank my web designer for working with me in getting our new webpage up and running. He is very professional, very personable, very knowledgeable, and has been a blessing to me in getting our page together. I’m going to miss talking with him...he even laughed at my jokes! I was a little nervous going into this, since I knew nothing about starting a website. But, after working through all of my questions, I now feel like I have learned a great deal and now can almost be called a "master". He really eased my fears, kept me on the right track and gave me ideas. Wow our page looks great and I thank you for all of his hard work! I’m so glad we chose your company to work with.
— Terry D, Misty Creek
I've used many website hosting services in the past - none like HOA Sites. From conception to Go Live, the process has been smooth and efficient. Too many fantastic features/tools to mention. Excellent offering, competitve pricing, great support and our users love it! The team at HOA Sites have made my job painless.
— Gary T, Kingston Dunes Homeowners Association
This is my 4th website I have created. My web designer was as always very efficient and helpful. I have been extremely pleased. It is very user friendly. I highly recommend HOA Sites for your Homeowners Association.
— Diane L, Glen-Donald Condominiums
Our new website is live now and we are receiving very positive feedback. Thank you HOA Sites for providing excellent support and wonderful instructions. The whole process was enjoyable and we would gladly do it again. We strongly recommend this company to others considering setting up a new website.
— Gina J, Esperanza North
Wow, this was the easiest process ever! It took less than two weeks to create a professional website for our community! Our web designer was so efficent, timely and helpful! I couldn't be more pleased with the whole process! I would recommend HOA Sites for any community or HOA looking for a user-friendly and professional site without a lot of hassle!
— Sandy R, Belle Lago
I felt the Web Developer was very friendly and timely about getting in our requests once the ticket was submitted. The entire process was clear and precise. It made creating the website easy without any difficulties. We couldn't be happier with the results. We will continue to use HOA Sites for our future projects.
— Tyler D, White Hawk Golf Villas
From the time I asked my first questions before signing up and then through the whole process, this has been a great experience. I always felt like I could ask anything and got a very prompt response. It was incredibly easy for someone who didn't know what she was doing. We love our site and look forward to continuing our relationship with y'all! Thank you!
— Kathryn G, Bentwood Trail
Thank you again for making this process so enjoyable. You were such a great help and I'm looking forward to working on the other websites with you. You were so patient and helped me with everything I needed to get done. Your responses to my emails where incredibly quick and you explained everything in 'layman's terms' so I have no difficulty what so ever.

You really made this process easier for me and I appreciate all your help from the start to the end!!!
— Jill V, Maroon Neighborhood
Spectacular results with a minimum of fuss. These guys have done this before and it shows. HOA Sites' step-by-step process of guiding us through getting our website up and running was not exactly a joy (it was still work) but it was very close. Our hats come off for them!
— Charles M, Waterview Towers
I have been extremely impressed with the whole web design process from HOA sites. The software provided is easy to use and the replies to my questions were answered quickly and efficiently. In particular, for our members, it was a huge advantage that as the webmaster, I could pre-load the member profiles. I am certain this will make the initial reaction to 'all this technology' be positive. Job well done.
— Kathy D, Desert Hills 3 East
We are very happy with HOA Sites. The service we received from our web designer was impressive and the flexibility and tool-set of the site is very easy to use and productive. I strongly recommend HOA Sites to any community looking to develop a website for themselves.
— Frank A, Royal Harbour Yacht Club
HOA Sites is a must-have resource for those who want to create a professional looking website with ease and at a reasonable price. Beautiful templates, excellent customer service, and a simple process even for those with limited computer or website building skills. I highly recommend using HOA Sites and look forward to creating my 6th website with them next month!
— Kim R, Panther Trace
Besides providing our HOA with an attractive and useful website, the chief thing on my mind right now is the great service highlighted by the PATIENCE used to steer an amateur through the process of transferring a 6-year-old website to the new one. Many thanks!
— John M, Belmont Bay
I consider myself pretty computer illiterate, so when I was put in charge of setting up the new website I thought it would be a pretty daunting task. But, everything was so easy and I had a hand to hold the whole way. Now we have a beautiful, professional website! Thank you so much!
— Deborah, The Ranches of Sonterra
In the spring of 2012, our condo association went live with its new HOA enabled website. Our residents were very pleased. Our country club saw the condo association's new website and asked for a new website of their own. The tools HOA Sites provides are so flexible they met the needs of both the condo association and the country club. Now, each site promotes the other site while serving the informational needs of their respective members. Thank you, HOA Sites for your wonderful development tools and your terrific support. I so enjoyed developing each site I wish there were another I could do!
— Jeff L, Thomson Country Club
The Admin interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Your web designer was always friendly, patient and responded to every ticket quickly! I really enjoyed this process very much, and the site looks wonderful. Thank you!
— Kandice S, Woodridge
I'm very happy to congratulate you on the excellent software package, the appearance and flexibility of the resulting web site, the very clear guidance documentation, but most of all for the very fast, courteous and well informed help you provided during an enjoyable web site development process. I am getting the plaudits for the results that should really go to you and your organization.
— J Keith W, Thorne Grammar School
Our new site is live and well. We are very happy to have signed up with your organization. You made creating a new site simple and enjoyable.
— Ken W, Queens Gate
HOA Sites is fantastic. I was extremely impressed with the support provided during the process as well as the user-friendliness of the site. Every time I had a request, I was responded to literally within minutes by my web designer. His responses were direct, helpful and clear. The usability of the site was also unbelievable. Although I am quite familiar with computers, I have never designed a website. The site platform was incredibly easy to navigate and allowed me to make changes without any confusion or clumsiness. All changes took effect immediately, allowing me to see changes in "real time".

I literally could have built the site within a couple of hours if I had wanted to because it was so easy to use, though I probably took about one week during my evenings to get things just the way I wanted them, add content, etc. Now, we have a beautiful website for our community. This website will provide a great way for our neighborhood residents to communicate with each other with all of the useful tools provided by HOA Sites (e.g., message board, classifieds, find a sitter, etc.). I highly recommend HOA Sites to anyone looking for a user-friendly, highly functional website platform for their community!
— Sharon S, Woodmark
HOA Sites is a user-friendly service that offers quality service and products with super-fast turnaround time! My skill set is primarily writing, not website creation, and HOA Sites has worked wonderfully for me! I just created my 4th website with them and every time I've received excellent support for all my questions. I highly recommend HOA Sites to all my clients and anyone interested in a professional looking website that's easy to create and manage.
— Kim R, Aberdeen
I approached the new website project with trepidation. My computer skills and experience are quite limited. Our association asked for volunteers, and even though there are those who had the skills, no one stepped up. From day one the web design process was easy and just plain fun. My web designer was there every step of the way. In most cases his answers came back to me in just minutes. I would not hesitate to recommend HOA Sites to anyone wanting to build a beautiful and functional website. The step-by-step design process has been well thought out so that what you are working on, what has been done and what has yet to be done is always very clear. And, finally, I cannot offer enough kudos for my web designer. He made this a very good experience for me. He empowered me.
— Beth S, The Village at North Pointe
Thanks once more for working with me on our new site. You are always very easy to work with and quick to respond. I am already getting very positive feedback on it already and I know the members will enjoy the new features. I don’t have any more sites up my sleeve but you never know!
— Kim P, Monacos-in-Motion
With HOA Sites, we were able to obtain a customized website that contains all the necessary functionality without being overly difficult to navigate. The web designer was very knowledgeable and responded to requests for assistance in a timely and efficient manner. Overall, HOA Sites has a superior product and a support team that made our HOA website fantastic!
— Brent C, The Townes at Pine Grove
Thank you HOA Sites for providing the website framework that allows us to make a difference in our communities. I have used your software to set up three different websites (so far!) and would like to share my experiences with you and others. The first website I set up was for an HOA, the next two were for specialized clubs that have slightly different requirements than our HOA. I selected your solution based on features and appearance. I found, as others have, that it was a pleasure working with you to set up the sites and take advantage of many of your features. The resulting sites are very functional, easy to navigate and beautiful to look at. What I did not expect was the sense of community that developed as a result of the new websites. The features you have implemented encourage participation and involvement from everyone in the community.  One of the most useful features is the upcoming events and RSVP functions that helps us publicize our events and encourages early reservations so the hosts can do a better job of planning. We also especially enjoy the workflow features that we have used to set up maintenance requests, guest reservations and a simple but functional Purchase Order system. We store all of our important documents on the site, maintain our activity calendars and use the email and messaging facilities extensively. The back end aspect of your web solution that I really appreciate is the ability to farm out the administration to a number of people. So the entertainment people can maintain their portion of the website, the financial people can maintain their portion, the recipes can be maintained by someone else, etc. These features have resulted in a community (or club) website that is broadly used, up-to-date, and a breeze to administer. Thank you!
— Kim P, Desert Shores
I love you guys at HOA Sites...always prompt and efficient. I'm so glad we picked you guys as our HOA website host.
— Ed T, Chapel Glen
Dissatisfied with our existing website our association conducted extensive research before choosing HOA Sites to host our website. The step-by-step design process was extremely easy to follow; the dedicated web designer assigned to our project was extremely professional, responsive, and able to answer any question. We were able to customize one of the available website designs to provide the look we wanted and a simple, intuitive user interface. I could not be more pleased with the results.
— Mike G, Bethany West Recreation Association
Our property management company told us they could develop a website for our condo association. After they spent a year on it and gave us mediocre results, we decided to handle it ourselves. A Google search led us to HOA Sites. We were skeptical of their claims that site setup could be "easy," and contacted 3 HOA Sites users. All of those users said that HOA Sites was great to work with and easy to use. We signed up. It turned out that the hardest part of the whole process was planning the site -- deciding which format to use, what information to put on the site, and how to lay out the pages. Setting up the site was the easy part. I had written down about 20 questions for our web designer. But before sending them, I took about half an hour to explore the Admin Panel. It turned out that almost all of my questions were answered by just poking around the panel and clicking on different icons. The website software is very easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone. Our web designer was also key in getting the site running quickly. He gave helpful advice, quick responses, and was able to accomplish everything we asked. We're very pleased.
— Steve W, Cardinal Square Condo Assn
A few years ago, I had a website designed by a small private company in my local town. It cost us too much money and took three years, no kidding. I finally fired them when I realized how much money I was spending and how little I received.

Recently, I needed a website. I looked on line and found HOA Sites. For the money, I figured I couldn't go wrong. It is the best deal I've had in years. My web designer was always responsive, even at night. I got the site live within a week and it looks terrific.

Take the chance, and be thankful you went with these guys. Who said you get what you pay for? With HOA Sites, you get way more than you pay for!
— Michael B, Enchanted Hills
Thank you, HOA Sites! We are so very pleased with our website. Our multi-association community is finally part of the 21st Century. After investigating so many company's advertising services for community association sites, we chose HOA Sites because of the style and features offered which gives a truly professional touch, but mostly because of the assistance offered. You do not have to know anything about setting up a website. If you have the will to do it, HOA Sites' designers will help you make your site functional, impressive and easy to use and maintain. Our site had to incorporate many sub associations and the task was a big one. But our web designer cut the job down to size and we have accomplished more than what we hoped to do. This has been a great experience and we look forward to learning even more about the features to fully utilize all that HOA Sites offers its clients.
— Janis H, Pierpointe
Thank you! I'm always impressed by your customer service. You guys rock!
— Judy H, Door Creek
ProfCam 1, Inc. is a Community Association Management Company located in Austin, Texas. As we take on more and more communities to manage, we simply do not have the time or personnel to learn website programming and hosting. We have made the decision that all of our community websites will use HOA Sites or we will not support them in our services contracts. HOA Sites is easy to work with, perform all the tasks that we or any community management company can ask for and are well received by our homeowners. Thanks HOA Sites, It's time someone helped make operations easier.
— Ward P, ProfCam 1, Inc.
We just went live with our property owners association website with complete confidence that I will have the continued support from HOA Sites that I did throughout the entire process. My criteria for choosing a host was to have ease of use in the back end, ease of use at the user end and an excellent tech support team. I made several calls to HOA Sites before I made my final decision and each time I was met with courteous, friendly, English speaking support personal. The scope of my project was very large encompassing several condo associations, homeowners associations, restaurants, and oceanfront properties all located in a Nicaraguan Community. Developing this my POA from the States made this particularly challenging. I needed to design my site with community growth in mind, not wanting to end up doing a lot of additional work down the road. From the start, my designer listened and helped me get where I needed to go with my website. I can’t say enough about this company’s professionalism and knowledge, which made my experience with HOA Sites a winner.
— Diana R, Gran Pacifica
Before I met you we tried to build 4 different websites with 3 different programmers over the past year and not one of the sites ever got launched. Then One day I found HOA Sites online and in a matter of weeks we had a functioning, well designed, Very Cool website to showcase our Property. I have not one compliant with your service or your product. From the time I found HOA Sites, to the time we went live it was a painless and even fun experience to populate our own custom site. We are looking forward to building many more sites with you. Thank you VERY MUCH.
— Joseph C. Visconti, Tesoro Preserve
Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent help in setting up our website. Your web designers are responsive, helpful and work incredibly quick. The help after the website is up and running is great. Thank you for the great looking website.
— Richard L, Villa Portofino
I chose HOA Sites even though I was setting up a website for our motorhome club. I wanted a beautiful design that would complement our beautiful coaches and HOA Sites fit the bill. I have had nothing but positive feedback from our members as to the ease of navigating to various parts of the website. My web designer was more than patient with me – he was an absolute saint! I would highly recommend HOA Sites to anyone interested in setting up a website. Remember, HOA Sites can be used for a variety of things, not just HOAs.
— Sherry V, Country Coach
I'd like to say that I am another satisfied customer! Your system was so easy to navigate and produced such an incredibly professional-looking website!
— Sandy R, Belle Lago
We cannot adequately express our sincere thanks to you for the great service we received from our web designer and the amazing website he helped us produce for our community.  Our web designer did not just go the "extra mile", he went the "extra 100 miles"  helping us make the website all that we wanted it to be.  Already our residents are responding with highest praise and are actively responding to the site. Your quick responses to our many questions were amazingly immediate and easily understood. Plus, the responses to our requests were equally fast.  He was also extremely patient and courteous. Thanks HOA Sites for making us look good!!
— T. DuBell, Bay Hill Estates
It is so exciting to see our new website go live, and you were such a critical piece to making this happen. I am really appreciative of the guidance and patience you showed me throughout the development process. You were very prompt in responding to my requests. Thanks for everything.
— Barbara B, Pearls of Naples
Without hesitation I can say that HOA Sites has been wonderful to work with and the process could not have been simpler! We have a finished product that we are very proud of and that offers great functionality for our residents. Our old site was difficult to find on the web and was barely used by our residents - I know this is a much needed update for our community and I'm thrilled with the results. Not only was the set up easy but the website administration will be easy to use to keep our new site updated and current. I am so glad that we decided to go with HOA Sites! I am also very excited to announce our new site to our residents at our annual meeting tonight.
— Jenni R, Pickering Meadows
Thanks so much for the exceptional product and service you provide. Even for someone with very limited computer skills (like me), this was a painless process that resulted in an excellent website. I was so impressed with the responsiveness of my designer – I rarely waited more than an hour or so for a response to a question – even on the weekend. And, his patience with my sometimes very silly questions was amazing and much appreciated. I have no reservations about recommending HOA Sites to any association in need of assistance in building their website.
— Peg O, Huntington Wood
We have been live now for about a week and are extremely pleased with the results of our Association's website. The Association relied on open source applications for several years and needed to import a large database and many files and images. This has been accomplished very quickly using the many features of HOA Sites' top of the line product. Plus, our Association's website contains paid advertisements, so it was necessary to convert the site quickly for these advertisements. Features such as the Message Board, Classifieds, Photo Album are readily available and easy to use. We are still discovering the many features and benefits of the HOA Sites application. The security of regular backups, the ability to forward email addresses and the ability for the Administrator to manage the access levels in the member profiles are some of the features that are extremely valuable to our Association. The responses from support are timely and the existing user database was imported by our web designer without incident. In my experience as an HOA administrator, HOA Sites provides superior product and service for the setup and ongoing support of a Homeowner Association web site. Thanks HOA Sites for a great job!
— Jerry C, Lakeland
Choosing HOA Sites for our community website was certainly the right choice! Whenever I had a question, our web designer responded immediately with the answer. If it still didn't make sense to me, he offered to speak with me on the phone. Feedback on the appearance of our website has been very positive. I would definitely recommend HOA Sites to anyone considering implementing a web site for their community. Thanks for your assistance!
— Judy W, The Villas
I don’t know whether it was luck or providence, but we are extremely grateful to have stumbled upon your HOA Sites when looking for an affordable way to have a website for our small community. Not only have you delivered more than we could reasonably have hoped for, it was done promptly, helpfully, and with a professional oversight that proved very acute. My compliments particularly to our web designer who was with us all the way. His guidance was particularly impressive, given that he knew we were looking to go “live” very quickly, so he stepped us through the process lickety-split, slowing us down when our own content additions made it necessary. He also anticipated our needs, giving us direct response together with reference as back-up to your very helpful knowledgebase website. We have already received considerable favorable critique on the website, which is amazing to me, given the small size of our HOA. I can’t wait to recommend your site to someone else!
— Shelley Cashion White, Traditions
Our website has been live for for about six weeks. The design process was easy, with timely responses and help by our web designer. Most of my time was taken up with adding our documentation. Setting up pages was easy, and the knowledgebase, along with the tips in the Admin Panel, was very helpful. Changes we have requested since we've been up have been handled quickly and effectively. Overall, we have been pleased and have received many positive comments. It looks great and works great. It's been well worth the effort.
— Tim M, Daniel Addition HOA
You guys have an excellent product. It's very easy to manage and navigate and your tools to teach the user are very good. Plus you're very responsive which is awesome. Thanks for the help and a great product!
— Adrian F, Guilford Heights
HOA Sites has plenty of creative designs to start your homeowners web page, and it is easy to set up provided that you read the instructions carefully. If you miss something, however, the personal designer is there to answer your questions. We ended up with a beautiful, informative website! Thanks so much.
— Linda M, Circle C
I am not someone who works with computers very well. Our web designer has been great to work with. He has always been prompt, helpful and courteous.
— Alex W, Claywoods
You provide an excellent service and product. Thanks to your design input, concise instruction set, and intuitive ‘dashboard’ controls, our townhome association had its handsome website online very quickly. Not only was it expedient in creation, but the deliverable was terrific. My fellow board members and I, heartily recommend your services to any homeowners association needing a new website, or replacement of an existing site that lacks ‘good looks’. Thanks for a great job.
— Bill L, Remington Bluffs
Very fast service!!! You guys should get into the ISP business. There would be no competition.
— Roger B, Glengarry Village
We were lucky to have worked with HOA Sites in developing our neighborhood website. From conceptualization to final website launch, the support documents, instructions, customer service, and overall responsiveness were absolutely stellar. All of my questions were answered nearly immediately by our web designer, and I never really struggled during the website development process. Simply stated, HOA Sites is highly recommended for neighborhood-based website development.
— Joe K, Carriage Downs
Thank you for making the journey to a professional website a smooth one. Your web designers, help files and instructions were all very good. And praise for the new site is already coming in. One member wrote "Congratulations on the beautiful, new website. The people that created it certainly get a pat on the back for a job well done! This is a site I'm very proud to share with others regarding our lake." HOA Sites has greatly improved our ability to communicate with our membership. Thanks again.
— R. Nelson, Legend Lake
Overall the website has exceeded my expectations and our residents have also expressed their appreciation. Thanks for doing an excellent job!
— HB Love, Skimmer Point
Working with our designer, was very easy, fast and accurate. The phone and email connection is what our HOA wanted. It was the right choice for us.
— Toni A, McLean Crest
Excellent service with step by step easy instructions and framework to build a professional high quality website for any business, even for the novice! There is not a better service for the money and your company’s image will shine with these quality templates that allow you to include your own pictures and text to make unique and your own.
— Jeff P, West Property Management
The initial reaction to our new website is phenomenal. We can't say enough about your design, the incredibly useful Knowledgebase and the skill - and patience - of our personal web designer. We're looking forward to entering the maintenance phase.
— Mike F, The Courtyards of Suntree
Our Golf Association is thrilled with the new web-site. I was able to adapt your product quite easily to fit our needs. I love the detailed instructions and knowledgebase. Your staff were very responsive and I often received immediate replies to my emails. We are now live and everything is running smoothly. Thanks for a great product at an affordable price.
— Jane C, PWGA
My thanks to you and the entire HOA team for your knowledgeable assistance and expert guidance throughout the entire design and implementation process. Our project criterion was clear – flexible design features, tangible cost benefit, condo owner experience, scalable pricing and easy site management. Your product matched our requirements without exception. The design process was smooth, efficient and well organized. The final product gave our residents more than originally expected. Thanks again for a great job and outstanding product.
— Michael A, Remington Ridge
I cannot say enough about my personal web designer. I am not savvy with the computer but our designer was there all the way 100% putting things in easy terms that I could grasp and understand even if it took several e-mails. Once understood I realized how easy the process was. This site is fantastic.
— Catherine F, Lansdowne Place
As advertised, your product and customer service were superb. For a gal who knows nothing about computers, with your help and easy to use service, I was able to create an outstanding website for our community and become active in a week's time. Your direction and guidance tools are simple, taking any guess work out of the process. I appreciated having the steps delivered a few at a time so I never felt overwhelmed. I am pleased with our Board's decision to use HOA Sites.
— Missy L, Bentwood Cove
We found the whole process very easy. Every question we had was answered. The documentation and on-line tools were most helpful. Our designer took care of everything we asked for with speed and clarity. Looking so forward to our new community of user's satisfaction. Thanks for being the specialized Homeowner Association solution.
— Mary Jo, The Reserve
What’s great about using HOA Sites is that anyone can maintain and design a website using their setup. I have found that the response from them has been quick and efficient, and the board is pleased with our website's ease of use, appearance and functionality.
— Derek M, Indiana Wireless
After selecting HOA Sites, we were very apprehensive about the design process. With much relief, the design process was far easier than selecting a firm as our website vendor! The design process was user-friendly and very structured, a good thing; augmented by a well-organized, concise, and useful knowledgebase; and supported by a superior design staff. Our designer, was very responsive to our questions and action requests, offered helpful suggestions, and is responsible for the website receiving so many kudos. My designer has set a tough standard for the Support Staff to follow. I am glad to report that my few interactions with the Support Staff indicates they are also setting a high standard for responsiveness and thoroughness.
— Stephen F, Avalon
Several months ago, the Landsdowne Community Association made the decision to finally establish a long overdue presence on the web. The problem was we had no idea where or how to start. After extensive searching, we found your company. Truly, it was professional "love at first 'site'." From the very first hour of the design process, to the launching of our new site you made the process a pleasure. Your process was straightforward, easy to understand, offered best practice suggestions, design advice, never once made us feel clueless (which we were) and culminated in a site that far exceeded our greatest expectations. Our website is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and has garnered nothing but compliments from residents and businesses alike. As we have used the site, we, like perhaps others, have experienced a few growing pains, requiring modification to what was already perfect. With every question or request we posed, your service and response was lightening fast and right on point. The Landsdowne Community cannot thank you enough! We are extremely proud of the presence we now have on the web. It is all because of you.
— Cindi P, Landsdowne
I am a retired Army officer and 71 years old. I have never done this before and it was a real learning experience for someone my age. I still have some more things I want to do on the site as it matures and I get feed back from the community. But it has been fun and a few months from now you will see a even better community site. My designer was just a great person to work with. Throughout the entire process he has been a true professional. He was most helpful and gave me some sound advice.
— John W, Villages of Old Landing
After an intense review of the various HOA website companies that pop up on a Google search, our board finally settled on HOA Sites based on price, features, and site designs. We couldn't be happier with our decision! Within two weeks of getting the approval for a website, our fully-functional site was online and open for the residents! When we first set out to make a website, it was primarily about getting information to the homeowners as quickly, easily, and cheaply as possible. Now that we’ve set up the site, it has become obvious that the many interactive features of the site will also help promote a better sense of community within the development. I have to compliment our personal site designer. From beginning to end, he was honestly the most responsive and friendly customer support person I have ever dealt with, even when dealing with petty changes to the same thing multiple times! As others have said, during normal business hours (and sometimes on nights and weekends!) he typically replies within the hour, and many times within 5 minutes! I have already submit one help request since going live, and it was also resolved by the support staff within 5 minutes! I highly recommend HOA Sites for your new HOA website!
— Mike P, Whartons Bluff
From the design choices, functionality options, and most importantly the professionalism of your staff, we are proud to be a part of the HOA Sites family of condominium websites. Thank you for a job “Well done.”
— Peter H, The Reserve at Naples
This is to sincerely thank HOA Sites for making the design of our website such a peasant and rewarding experience. First, the design process itself worked very smoothly from the beginning to the end. Our designer's work is highly professional. It was a pleasure for me to work with HOA Sites and end up with such an outstanding result. We truly valued our designer's dedication: we would sometimes email him a request at 2 a.m. our time on a Saturday and expect to hear back by next Monday. To our surprise (in the beginning, but we became used to it) they would respond or make the change we asked for within an hour or two. From the start, through all the details involved with going “live,” our designer was with us all the way with fast action, useful ideas, and always ready to go the extra mile. You are indeed fortunate and I salute you on your ability to hire and retain the right people. We have now been “live” for about 3-weeks with 2000 users and things have gone surprisingly smoothly. Now that we have gone “live” we now deal with the support team and are beginning to see the same kind of dedication and support that we had become used to with our designer. Finally, our users tell us the site is a great improvement over what we previously had. In a short 3-weeks we believe that our website is indeed on the way to becoming the communications hub for our Homeowners Association. We are experiencing extensive use and are providing value to our members both in information and function. We are particularly impressed with the hierarchic linking across both internal website pages and external sites on the Internet with the capability to return back to our original web page starting point with just one click! As you might imagine, administering a website with 2000 users needs to have a well-designed, reliable, and stable platform, and HOA Sites has done an amazing job in the way it has organized and crafted the workflow for administrative tasks. Congratulations on the fine job that you and your colleagues do all around. And, yes, we will pat ourselves on the back as well for having selected HOA Sites as our website service provider.
— Ivan G, Ford's Colony
This was the easiest process I've ever experienced. My designer was very responsive and attentive to our needs. Your company provides an excellent service and I will recommend you highly. Thanks for all of your help in creating our new website (we love it!).
— Kira H, Tara Hill
I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive about doing most of the communication and work via email but once we got started and I quickly realized how much more effective and efficient communicating via email will be all fears went away. And with regards to turnaround, I simply can’t say enough good things about our designer on that. He would answer emails on weekends and late at night and often turn things around within hour. I can only hope that their support team is equally as good. If you’re looking to build a site for your community HOA Sites is the way to go. They've got great prices, the features you want and best of all amazing service.
— Carlos C, Bridgepointe
Outstanding service! It feels as though there are support people assigned specifically to our web site. The yearly premium for your service is money well spent. Thanks for the quick response.
— Roger B, Glengarry Village
This is the company to use if you are looking for a "website for dummies". The process was explained clearly up front with easy directions. On top of everything, our developer gets a gold star for responsiveness from a customer service perspective! Thank You! PS. Your customer support team is giving our web designer a run for the money for responsiveness!
— Bob H, KingsPointe POA
Now that our site is live and we've been using it for a month, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the product and especially the service I received while building and fine tuning the site. Our HOA Board were all quite skeptical that HOA Sites could live up to the brochure. Our main concern was that for the very low build-cost, how could HOA Sites really give us the time needed to build the site we knew we wanted. After shopping locally with the fear that we could not possibly get the customer service we might need at this price and not being face-to-face, we decided we could not spend the 20X it would cost to work with a local web designer so we would "risk" the low cost and try HOA Sites. Your money back guarantee helped some board members take that risk, but of course it's not needed. Well, I can tell you first hand from, someone that has very high attention to detail, that you way exceeded ALL of my expectations in customer service and the website is absolutely wonderful and really is very highly functioning. I'm still pleased daily when I start my computer and look at our beautiful website. I would recommend your service to anyone without hesitation. You should really branch out and offer small businesses a product like this! You guys are great!, thank you again.
— Jeffrey L, Tucson AZ
YOU ROCK!! Thank you soooo much!! Your swift responses and communication are excellent! (copy our boss on this!)
— Dave D, Haile Plantation
If you are looking for a company to design and host your community website, then look no further, HOA Sites is the company for you. They delivered what they advertised. We got a GREAT professional community website, with all the bells and whistles at a GREAT price. There were no hidden fees or charges. The website offers our community access to vast amount of information in one location. The Message Board and Calendar are great tools and we can notify homeowners about important issues instantly by posting information on website or sending out an email blast. The designer was pleasant and quick to make any modifications or changes we needed. Managing the site is so simple. I travel a lot but found that as long as I have access to the Internet, I can maintain the website. Thanks again for all your help.
— Darlene H, Fieldstone
HOA Sites is definitely the way to go when setting up a site for an HOA. Not only did they make the site look and feel how we wanted, they were quick to respond and perform the modifications. Customer support after going live has also been great. We are a management company and will be using HOA Sites for all of our future association that we manage. Also, something that many people might overlook, if you sell preferred vendor or sponsor ads on your site, you can easily recoup the cost of the site each year. Great Value!
— Mark B, Idaho
You are the best! You delivered on your promise that you can build a website without me pulling out my hair. Patient help and well written instructions made it so much easier than I believed when I started. This is the partnership everybody needs to create a web site and go live in less time than I could ever have imagined.
— Linda B, Skyline Properties
I just wanted to send you a big thank you for all your help! I've worked with a lot of computer technology vendors over the years and is so nice, and so rare, to find one that actually delivers on what they sell you and provides such exceptional customer service! Thus far the responses have been very positive and we launched on time, mostly because of you!
— Joanie H, The Trails of Mansfield
We started our project on Monday - we are live 3 1/2 days later and I have only 7 hours in the whole thing. Like you said - read the Knowledge base and it is straightforward. It certainly is and very reasonably priced compared to your competition, Thanks, me and my neighbors appreciate your work.
— Paul
The value of the HOA Sites product cannot be underestimated. For low development and yearly maintenance cost our HOA now has an effective tool to communicate to our community. The development process was very easy and our assigned developer was extremely helpful and responsive. We manage the content and can update our site within minutes, without having to wait for third party help. The Knowledge database is comprehensive with easy to follow instructions yet if needed the staff at HOA Sites is there to help and answer questions. I would recommend this company to any HOA looking to update their services to their community.
— Bill F, Carlisle Heights
On behalf of our homeowners association, I want to let you know how much we appreciated the assistance we received from your staff in setting up our website. We were walked through the process in a very professional manner and every question was answered promptly. We had a very rapid learning curve and we are now up and running. The whole process was painless and we able to meet our deadline for going live.
— Richard K, The Barclay
Many kudos and much appreciation to your team for getting our website up and running under a tight time frame. Our previous hosting contract was about to expire and a lot of work was put into getting our site moved to its new location. We will definitely be saving money and getting much better customer service than we had in the past. We're looking forward to continuing our relationship with you.
— Kerry D, American Indian Center of Indiana
You have an exceptionally well designed website product and support system, and you are, by far, the most cost effective provider I have seen. Other associations in our area are paying several times more, for end results which are well matched by your HOA Sites service. Your cost effectiveness does not come at the expense of service, which is prompt and professional. I'm happy to see a company compete successfully on both value and quality. I believe that you are "Best of Breed".
— Roy H, Del Mar Beach Club
I wanted to say that we at Greystone Community have really enjoyed using this website and all its features. We are slowly getting more and more of our residents using it. The ones that have are coming back and telling others. This is a great product that you have for HOAs and we are so glad we chose you. Thanks again for your very quick responses to our needs.
— Tony S, Greystone
My experience with HOA Sites has been phenomenal! The design process went extremely smooth. The web designer answered all of my emails in a matter of hours (some of them in a matter of minutes). The quality of the design and and the functionality of the site are fantastic. We now have a place where all of our important documents and newsletters can be viewed and printed by any one of our residents at any time. Our residents can share info, recipes, notify about lost or found pets or announce garage sales on our resident message board. The cost for this service is extremely reasonable. HOA Sites is a first class company with an all star team. Their web designers are top notch and their customer service is second to none. Thank you!
— Dave W, Kings' View Estates
I have recommended HOA Sites to everyone that is involved in a HOA and our sister neighborhoods. I am astonished at the service level, dedication, professionalism, detailed directions and instruction and the cost was incredible. Our website provides a gateway of instant knowledge and updates to our neighbors which is exactly what they asked for at our last meeting. With HOA Sites we received answers quickly, conceived, implemented, and they built our website in record time! It’s absolutely beautiful! The HOA Sites directions and guidance provided was amazing, nights, weekends, and ALWAYS within 24 hours of asking a question or requesting a change. Thank you HOA Sites, you have exceeded our expectations with a professionally designed website with your passionate, responsive amazing customer service to our community.
— K. Ranum-Copeland, Traditions
Before choosing a site I solicited input from a few of the HOA's in our area. I discovered that they paid $15K+ and had a hefty monthly maintenance arrangement and a counter productive dependency on the developer to control the site. We created a site that is so impressive one of the high priced neighboring HOA's is terminating their site and following our path with HOA Sites because they want something comparable to ours! In an environment where price was not a factor this low cost high value solution was simply the best solution available at any cost. The design process is fun brilliantly masked as an excellent training tool. By the time you are done you have a great site and you really understand the tools that enable you to create and maintain a great site for years to come. Everyone in our community is amazed at my creative and technical powers after seeing our site. My only skill was choosing HOA Sites. They are king makers!
— Tom C, The Heritage
After researching pricing and options offered by other websites, HOA Sites is by far superior in all aspects! The designs are high-end and professional looking, and the set-up process was much easier than I expected, especially with my "average" computer skills. My support person answered all of my emails and questions so promptly that I felt like I was his only client. I highly recommend HOA Sites to anyone in need of a website for their community!
— Kim R, South Ridge HOA
Thanks so much for you “24/7” support even during weekends and holidays! Your response was nearly instantaneous and your work was spot on. It’s nice to see a company that really pays attention to customer service. Very rare these days.
— Mike H, Ivy Walk HOA
We have just completed building our website. The experience was terrific. The site was easy to manage, but presented me (not computer savvy) with a few terminology and technical questions. Those questions were quickly, professionally and promptly answered. The support from HOA Sites was immediate and allowed us to build our website in a short period of time. Not only does the site look great and will be helpful to our community, the added bonus is I learned a few things from the efficient staff as well! Thanks for providing a superior product and service!
— Diane A, Townhouses of Saratoga
You are a joy to work with. You work fast and efficient and helped us get exactly what we wanted faster than we thought possible.
— Nick P, Iron Gate
HOA Sites is great. Their experienced designers allowed me to quickly and efficiently bring up a professional looking website in less than a month. My questions were answered promptly and they used their HOA experience to help me figure out the best way to present information to the residents of my community. Thank you HOA Sites!
— Kim F, Hunters Pointe
I didn't know anything about setting up a website, but this is so easy and fun to use!
— Rita B, Gulf Gate East
Our homeowner's website has been met with rave reviews and will save us a bundle in mailing costs. You made it so easy and your follow up is terrific.
— Steve L, Tahoe Swiss Village
I was very impressed with how quick and easy it was to set up our initial website. The web tools were easy to understand and use, and the entire process was much faster than I expected.
— Greg F, Oak Meadows
You made establishing our web site painless. In spite of having “computer challenged” web masters to deal with you held our hand until we were confident we could manage the site. You have indeed gone the extra mile supporting us. We have a beautiful and effective web site. Thanks!
— James G, Kingsley Lake
Hats off! You walked me through each and every step and answered all of my questions in a language that I could understand. Our web site is outstanding, the feedback from our homeowners has been wonderful. Thank you HOA Sites!
— Kathy K, Rancho San Diego
This was awesome!! We went live from start to finish in one weekend, it's unbelievable. I worked with another designer for 3 months and had little to show for it. Your "framework" model is not cookie cutter, but is akin to building a house; foundation, rooms, roof and finishing touches. Anyone can build a great website with the services of HOA Sites. Money well spent.
— Philip G, Sweet Lime Village
Our board wanted to set up a neighborhood association website that could be maintained by non technical volunteers. HOA Sites provided both the graphic design and the technical back up that we needed at a reasonable price. The site is easy to maintain, and the customer service has always been prompt, helpful, and courteous.
— Joanne K, Tar River
I wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU for being so responsive. Your company has been great to work with. Having done several websites, this by far has been the easiest. We were able to go live with our site within 36 hours of signing on with you. That’s incredible! We definitely made the right choice in choosing HOA Sites.
— Jeff M, Claridge Estates
You made the overwhelming process of developing an interactive community website fun, easy, and affordable. Thanks for the great job.
— Scott D, Regatta Bay
Very nice design philosophy, set of admin tools, and stable software. I was dreading doing this for our HOA but its turning out to be quite enjoyable.
— Joe B, Yellow Rose Ranch
We were looking for a new website host when I found HOA Sites on the Internet. This site was just what we needed. It offered so many more features than what we had on our existing website. The standard features met our requirements, let us stay within our budget, and gave us a great communication tool. The instructions were easy to follow, the staff was very responsive, and I met my schedule for having the website fully operational. My thanks to HOA Sites for providing a great product at an affordable price.
— Brenda J, Woodmore Highlands
Prompt, Courteous and Professional. This is what you can expect when dealing with the HOA Sites team. The customer service I received from them was one of the best experiences I had with this project. We are absolutely thrilled with our new site and look forward to being a future client.
Thank you for all the flexibility and support. I can honestly say my expectations were exceeded in spades. HOA Sites is unsurpassed in flawless customer service!
— Amanda B, Thousand Oaks
The whole experience was a pleasure from the very start. Customer service is outstanding so even if you’re not web savvy you end up with a professional looking site and easy-to-use administrative tools. Our Board and our homeowners are thrilled!
— Deborah L, Cascades at Srarsota
I want to thank you so much for for making the customization from your HOA Sites to a Contractor Specific Site seem so easy. The Get an Estimate and Schedule Maintenance Forms were up in no time, although I realize that they were alot of work. From start to finish you were responsive to our needs, extremely prompt and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for making my job so easy.
— Laura D.
You all were terrific! I stumbled across your website while searching for an idea of how to better design our community's website. HOA Sites was better than I imagined, and easier than I could have hoped for. You all have the great combo of the knowledge of what other communities find useful, and combine all sorts of ideas and possibilities to make the site an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage communication tool. No more "It's on the website, and I have no idea where it is".
— Allison K, Cedarlake
I have been in the technology business for many years and was asked by my Homeowners Association to look into re-designing our community website to increase the traffic and functionality. I looked at many of the web design companies that are out there on the WEB and several local companies. I decided on HOA Sites after spending several weeks researching companies. I have to say this process could have not gone smoother if the company had an office down the road from me. The communication with my developer was excellent and the quality of work exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for providing a great service!
— Mike B, Chestnut Bend
I am very happy with the ease of using the site and the features. I also love the ease of adding pictures to the site and the way they open for viewers to see. I am a very impressed board member.
— Gary C, Copperbrook
Setting up a new website, especially for a Homeowners Association can be a stressful job; but HOA Sites made this an easy experience and they were with us every step of the way. The support and ease with which they handled our questions and suggestions for the site has given us a real user friendly site for an over 55 community that anyone can use. It is a great neighborhood resource and sure helps the communication problem.
— Sue M, West Neck Villages
Your team is excellent. Any question or request I had was handled promptly and accurately. The instructions provided were simple and straightforward allowing our neighborhood to get our site up very quickly.
— Josh S, Summit Pointe
After researching many web site developers I found HOA Sites. The web designs they offer are functional, attractive and reasonably priced. The developer assigned to us worked quickly to get our site up-and-running and it looks great. The console allows us to customize our information without having to constantly send our information to an outside person. That's a huge time-saver when we need to post information quickly for the community.
— Susan H, Towne Maner
I was amazed at the prompt service and quality of the design work. Each request during the design phase was answered within minutes or hours. Even my web design friends are amazed at the quality of the work and the expansive features available through HOA Sites. Thanks for a great design experience that is simple to implement with incredible flexibility.
— Jeff W, Kings Pointe
Your product was easy to use with enough flexibility to accommodate changing requirements. Time was the one thing I did not want to spend setting up and administering the site. I'm glad the website setup and admin has been very quick and easy.
— Norman K, Hampton Lake
HOA Sites was very patient and flexible when it came to getting our site put together. Even though we weren’t organized when the development began, it was still a very seamless process until the end.
— Toby C, Greenview Ridge
This has been a truly great experience and you have an EXCELLENT product!
— Steve T, Pinewood
The feedback I have gotten from residents is they are very excited about the site and think it has great functionality and features. You have created a great web package for HOA's. It's easy to set up and you have been very responsive and terrific to work with.
— Gary S, Ridgeway
I switched to HOA Sites from one of their competitors, and I’m glad I did. I cannot say enough about their professionalism, responsiveness and willingness to help with creating just the right website and service levels for my needs.
— Donna M, Marsh Landing
I needed 10 HOA websites built for our developments. The designs looked great and that is why I decided to go with HOA Sites. In the process, I was amazed at how easy they were to work with and how quickly I got all of my websites completed and ready for the homeowners to use. I have had great response from the residents and I am thrilled with the results. I would recommend HOA Sites to anyone...and I already have.
— Shelli J, Owasso Land Trust
You've made it so easy to set up a website for our homeowners association. Had we known it would be such a painless process we would have done it a long time ago. You were great to work with! Thanks!
— Laurie L, Falcon Lakes HOA
I just have to say I am very very impressed with you and your company. I have dabbled with and thought about doing something like you have done but always found it be an overwhelming amount of work. But you guys have really nailed it. I had looked at one of your competitors for a long time and always thought they were too expensive, confusing, and not very thorough. It seems to me like you folks have thought of everything. You've got a good feature set, great templates, the Admin panel is awesome, and a great pricing.
— Robert B, White Label Reseller
Designing, creating, and maintaining a truly functional website was easier than I thought possible. Communication and instruction from beginning to end were exemplary. Follow-up after activation of the website has been extremely courteous and timely. I highly recommend HOA Sites!
— Scott B, Fields at Magnolia
Our HOA Sites designer has always responded IMMEADIATELY to every question/concern/problem that I have provided him over the past 3 years. I am amazed that HOA sites is able to provide such great customer service at such a low annual fee that includes both hosting and e-mail services. If you like their site designs, I would definitely recommend HOA sites.
— Frank D, Danbury Forest
Our association was looking for something fresh and easy to manage. We found it with HOA Sites! Our account manager has always responded quickly to our requests and has great knowledge of what to do! Thanks!
— Phillip W, Walden HOA
HOA Sites was able to use our logo and image for our design, which allowed us to customize our site even further. Our friendly designer was always extremely quick with changes and updates during the website building process – HOA Sites almost made it too easy! The Admin section is very simple and user–friendly as well. I would definitely recommend HOA Sites to other property managers.
— Katie P, 1750 St. Charles Condos
I have, through various different organizations, worked with other webhost and design companies. HOA Sites has been the most professional and user-friendly company by far. The technical and customer support staff is extremely knowledgeable and responded quickly and efficiently to all of my requests. Our website was up and running in a matter of days and our homeowner feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are a very large homeowners association and HOA Sites was able to tailor our site to our specific needs. They allow for a large amount of storage space, so we were able to include all the documentation necessary to keep our homeowners fully informed. HOA Sites made a difficult and time consuming task seem easy.
— Alecia Knupp, Youghiogheny HOA
I am very impressed with your company's service. Responses to my comments and changes are quick, complete and professional. I researched many HOA website companies and I believe I have made a great choice. Thank you.
— Chris K, Kings Creek
I'd like to thank you for all the help you've provided. We've gotten several comments back from homeowners who say the site looks great and that a lot of work obviously went into it.
— Andy E, River Forest Bedford
We were looking for a way to increase communication amongst our members. HOA Sites provided us with the flexibility in design, format and content so that we could really make our website our own. We manage it ourselves, so everything is timely and accurate. Their dependable, efficient customer service far exceeded my expectations and I strongly recommend that any HOA needing a website shop HOA Sites first!
— Joanie H, The Trails
The design and content editing process was extremely easy to learn. Everything was tied to an Admin module which gave us full control to edit content as we liked. I can not imagine have using any other service for our project. With a limited budget, HOA Sites was the obvious choice. We went through a number of modifications over the course of two-weeks and all changes requested were done the same day. I would highly recommend HOA Sites to anyone looking to build a website for their Home Owners Association.
— Terry B, Chaddwyck
This was a wonderful experience. There were more categories and ideas than I initially thought of when I started this journey. I was delighted in the fast response time to my questions, the polite referrals to the users guide with a hyperlink, and the instantaneous implementation of my requests into the website. I have never programmed a web page previously, but your program was extremely simple to use. I was able to edit all of my content and upload all of the neighborhood data. Over the past few years, we have spent large amounts of money on items that now appear for “free” on the website! The website will save us possibly several hundreds of dollars per year. Plus the information is available all the time. Thank you for being of great assistance to me, and for responding/resolving my issues instantaneously. It was been a wonderful experience and I would rank you #1 in Web Design for Neighborhoods.
— Rob C, Hampstead
As the President of two similar Homeowner Associations, I am so pleased with the way our sites have come together. Our two HOA's are unique in many ways from other Homeowner Associations and the HOA Sites team have been so willing to work with us to customize both sites in so many ways. What seemed an insurmountable task before me in the beginning, became an exciting day by day project that was a pleasure from beginning to end. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
— Cindy P, Suites at Zermatt
Setting up our new website was simple from the get go - especially helpful was the quick response from your support staff whenever I needed it. The written guide also provided simple step by step directions for each process.
— Paul P, Waverly Place
This is by far the best hosting/design firm I have come across for HOA websites. They were extremely knowledgeable and patient as we got our site set up. Thank you for making my life easy.
— Jim S, The Lakes at Franklin Mills
We reviewed seven different website companies that specializes in HOA's. When side by side comparisons were made HOA Sites far and away stood out as the best choice. Not limited to cookie cutter looking websites was a major reason why we chose HOA Sites. The customized choices offered were unique and could be tailored to our specific requests. The customer service provided during the development process was phenomenal! Every question, request and concern was addressed in overdrive speed. With out questions we chose the best company available to develop our website. Developing the website was easy and HOA Sites was there with us every step of the way. Trust me....if I can do it anyone can!
— Andrew W, Yankee Ridge
Perfect!! You all are amazing and so easy to work with! Thanks so much for everything!
— Karolin S, Hanarry West
HOA Sites' help screens were easy to navigate which made setting up our website easy. I received prompt and easily followed instructions through the personal designer. We launched only a couple of days ago and have already received great comments from our homeowners.
— Vicki B, Winsor Meadows
I really have enjoyed using your site, it's very easy to use & I think future board members will be able to maintain it.
— Susan J, The Oakton
Your websites are some of the most user friendly I have seen. I would recommend them to anyone.
— Devoy B, Realty Associates
I have experience creating web sites and know that the HOA Sites format is the easiest way for volunteers to create and maintain a web site! The price is low and the service is outstanding with fast and informative replies. Thank You!
— Lori C, Tropic Isles
Let me take some time to point out that I am extremely pleased at how this process has developed. The page looks great and it was all done very quickly and professionally. Your company has delivered as promised and then some. You have been very thorough in making the changes we have requested and making excellent suggestions. Our Management company has followed closely what we have done and we are highly recommending that they persuade the communities they manage to do the same. Thanks! Gracias!
— Jose M, Venetian Isles
Thanks for the help in setting this up. The anxiety and uncertainty clearly vanished when I finally went in to begin the set up. The help provided by you and staff also made this a smooth and quick project.
— Kevin K. Hunters Park
I really appreciate your help on everything. The site looks terrific, and I'm getting good feedback. You guys offer a professional package that works.
— Debby S, Norris Shores
Setting up the Website for my HOA was very simple using your services. Starting from scratch we were able to go live in less than 30 days. Making all the HOA documents available to the community has proven to be a plus. So far everyone who has signed in to our site has had a very positive response and has been very appreciative of the efforts.
— Gene A, Maidstone
You are amazing!!! This website is awesome - we can't thank you enough for the work you have done for us!!
— Cindy R, Legacy Park
I was very nervous about taking on the task as new webmaster for our homeowners association. After finding HOA Sites in my research I became really excited about creating a new site for our community. The process was very professional, supportive, exciting, quick, easy, painless, and stress free.
— Kathy K, Flanders Crossing
HOA Sites has been great! From the ease of setting up the site, using their software, to their response to our questions and overall support. We highly recommend HOA Sites for your community.
— Dennis W, Village Grande at Battleground
You are awesome and have really done a great job and your tech support is great!!! I will highly recommend you to the other HOA presidents I am in contact with!!
— Patrick W, Crestwick Crossing
HOA Sites is great. It makes our job easier as a professional management company. We love that our communities have the ability to customize their website and it's well designed. Great Job!
— Ryan G, Fitchwood Management
I reviewed a number of companies before deciding on HOA Sites – it was definitely the right choice! The software was very easy to work with, and I had a professional site up quicker then I could have imagined. The support staff responded to my requests with lightning speed, and they were always a pleasure to work with. Thanks HOA Sites!
— Sandy H, FairHaven
The service from HOA Sites in setting up our site was fantastic and the responses lightening fast. We could never have done this project so quickly and comprehensively without the technical expertise of HOA Sites and their extraordinary customer service. We are delighted with the result!
— Christopher O, Sierra Norte
Since 1998 I have been involved with Information Technology both for a major company and for my own company. Web design and quality assurance can be a harrowing experience; however, HOA Sites’ software is so well thought out and so user friendly, both for the administrator and the residents, that life with an HOA Sites design is a pleasure. Since taking our site live, we have received only compliments and we look forward to working with you over the years to come.
— Judy H, The Bluffs
HOA Sites is great! It was so easy to get started and get the site running. The support is fantastic and the customer service is very responsive. The feedback I have received from the residents has been very positive!
— Jim W, Shadow Hills
As Director of Technology for a large corporation, I was the obvious choice to coordinate the new website project for our HOA. I deal with IT companies on a daily basis and I wish they all provided the level of support that HOA Sites does. Anytime we have needed a change made, it has been done the same day…many times, the same hour. The customer service has been amazing. The site was up and running within a few days and we have had nothing but compliments. Thanks for everything.
— Sean M, Willoughby Station
After two weeks of unresponsiveness from three other companies, HOA Sites got our website live in three days. They are fantastic.
— Christine C, Palms HOA
I must say the website looks FABULOUS! It looks like we spent thousands. I've researched several HOA pages and ours looks the best. I have to give you credit you did a great job! I appreciate your patience, your creativeness and help. Without you I would not have been about to get the website established.
— Antonette B, Buckleigh
We thought that having our own website would be too expensive and too difficult to maintain. It's just the opposite. You offer a great value, total support, and a user friendly system of administering the site. We were very fortunate to find you and now we have a successful website.
— Marty G, Portsview at the Waterways
The website looks great. The design time was quick and you were very receptive to the changes we needed. Our website is definitely unique from any other website I've seen.
— Andrea F, Beaverbrook Estates
Many thanks for all your help. You really are great to work with. Were your ears burning from the nice things being said about you at our board meeting? I told the board that you respond so promptly and know your product so thoroughly - and they said - we need someone like that on the board! If you ever move down this way, you'd have a job waiting.
— Ginny N, Buena Vida
Converting our old website to HOA Sites has been such a streamlined process. They have been attentive to every request and question I’ve had. We are so pleased with the way the new website has come together.
— Pam J, Temple Hills
I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all your help in getting our website up and going. It was surprisingly easy and fast and the homeowners have been very impressed with the quality of our website. I'm very happy with my decision to use HOA Sites!
— Bob M, Estrella del Mar
I have never received service like this before--anywhere. We now have a state-of-the-art website that the residents absolutely love. Thank you for being professional, knowledgeable and so pleasant and easy to work with.
— Michelle P, Manatawny Village
All I can say is “WOW”! The process of setting up the website for our HOA was the easiest thing we have ever done. The format is already there for you. We just told them what options we wanted, sent content and photos and “poof” it was done. The turn around time was amazing and the cost is minimal. We priced out several options and even looked at the possibility of creating our own. This is by far the best option.
— Charlene M, Ross Downs
From day one I received very quick responses and professionalism to all my questions about the website. Every change or addition I asked for was done literally within the hour or the very next morning when it was in the evening. This is our very first web site and I am pleased that we chose HOA Sites.
— Jeff G, Glen Meadows
Our designer's intuition and responsiveness was remarkable. We couldn't have asked for somebody more reliable, personable, and creative.
— Michelle S, The Pines
This is absolutely excellent. I'm so impressed and excited. You've done a superb job. Thank you.
— Andrea G, Spyglass Falls
Thank you for your outstanding customer service. You have always been there to answer my questions and handle requests in a timely manner. This experience has exceeded all of my expectations.
— Carlene W, Pinehurst
HOA Sites has provided outstanding support in initiating our website. The turnaround time for uploading our information and recommendations for layout have been excellent. Our Board is thrilled!
— Susan B, Lyongate
I want to thank HOA Sites for designing a great website that is user friendly, professional and looks great. HOA Sites has been great to work with from start to finish.
— Mike B, Vallecitos Village
It is a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your patience, creative ideas and suggestions. The website has truly turned out excellent. I’ve been getting great feedback on the look, feel and ease of use.
— Kash M, Buckingham Estates
Love our new website, very user friendly with great information. You made our life a little easier.
— Cindy A, Armour Property Management
We love the Web site and the turn around time was wonderful. Changes are made with 24 hours.
— Dawn C, Symphony at the Reserve
It's been a joy developing with you and I look forward to our continued relationship. You're sharp with your trade and the embodiment of service.
— Buck H, Quail Hollow
I want to let you know how happy I am with your service. This is probably a world's record for getting a website up and running that actually works and looks good. Thanks so much for your help.
— Ron M, Palisades
I would like to thank you and your team for the wonderful support and assistance over the last few weeks. You have been extremely responsive and the site development tools are very easy to use. HOA Sites is first class all the way.
— Mark S, Santa Lucia
I have to agree with all the quotes listed on HOA sites. Sometimes you wonder when things sound too good to be true, well it’s true. Thanks for a job well done.
— Baine S, The Mark
This is awesome. This system is amazing. So easy to use!
— Maggie S, Danbury Forest
100% Professional! Awesome customer service and attention to detail. HOA Sites made it painless to develop and continually easy to maintain our HOA website.
— Lisa W, Lakeside Village Estates
We are receiving ALOT of awesome feedback on the new site. Great Job!!!
— Terri W, Lakewood
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