How to Increase Clients With Your HOA Website

Posted on May 11, 2022 3:33 PM by HOA Sites
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Homeowner Association WebsiteHomeowner associations (HOAs) are typically responsible for maintaining common areas and infrastructure within a subdivision or community. A homeowner association website can provide important information to homeowners, including meeting minutes, rules and regulations, and contact information for the HOA board or management company. According to statistics, around 22 to 24% of people living in the United States reside in HOA communities, and this proportion is anticipated to rise. Consider the following tips to increase clients with your HOA website.
Use Clear and Concise Language
When writing content for your homeowner association website, use clear and concise language. This will help homeowners quickly and easily understand the information you are providing. It is also important to use language that is familiar to your audience. For example, if you target homeowners in a specific age group, using jargon or technical terms may alienate them. In addition to using clear and concise language, it is also important to use attractive visuals on your website.
Provide Helpful and Relevant Information
Your homeowner association website should provide helpful and relevant information for homeowners. This includes meeting minutes, rules and regulations, contact information for the HOA board or management company, and any other important information that homeowners would need to know. Providing this information on your website will make it easier for homeowners to find the information they need. 
Make It Easy to Read and Navigate
Large and readable font sizes help homeowners quickly and easily navigate your website. This is especially integral for websites with overwhelming information. Using readable fonts makes it easier for homeowners to navigate faster and effectively within your website, accessing important information. The fonts you use also matter when creating an attractive and user-friendly website. Sans serif fonts, such as Arial or Verdana, are generally easy to read and can be used for headings and body text. Serif fonts, such as Times New Roman or Georgia, are best used for headings since they are easy to read in large sizes.
Provide Contact Information Needed by Visitors to Reach the HOA Board
One of the most important things you can do to increase clients with your HOA website is to provide an easy way for visitors to contact the HOA board or management company. This can be done by including a contact form on your website or providing an email address or phone number. In addition, you can also include a map of the community on your website so that homeowners can easily find their way around. 
It is clear and concise that homeowner association websites are a vital resource for homeowners. By providing clear and concise information, helpful and relevant content, and large, easy-to to read font sizes, you can help increase clients with your HOA website. Integrate these tips to your HOA Website to increase clients. For more information, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help you with your HOA website needs.
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