What a Condo Website Can Do for Your Tenants

Posted on September 20, 2022 2:39 PM by HOA Sites
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Condo WebsiteCondo owners and managers have discovered that having an engaging and accessible condominium website can deliver various benefits to their tenants. A website makes it easier for residents to learn about community events and assessment dates. If you don't have a property website, you should get one soon. Continue reading to learn about five key benefits of a condo website.
24/7 Accessibility
Through the website, your tenants can contact you easily and at any time. If there's an issue at their condo, they can reach you and report the problem. The tenants can access their records anytime, so they will not be restricted to office hours. A good website for your condo complex should have an events calendar and facility hours of operation as well.
Relationship Builder
An effective condo website creates a central place where residents who have never met each other can get to know one another. Neighbors can share interests and helpful information that strengthens the sense of community. After getting to know each other online, residents can also plan in-person get-togethers.
Easy Payments
According to statistics, approximately 25-27% of the U.S. population lives in communities governed by house associations, condominiums, and cooperatives. That is quite a few people who need to make monthly payments! Tenants prefer completing transactions online rather than meeting with condo management to issue a check. A self-service portal on your website enables that and reduces the chances of late payments. With a website, it's easy for owners to track payments, too.
A Communication Tool
In this era, so many people turn to the internet for information. A condo website provides tenants access to information about their community 24/7. It is also a better forum for condo owners to convey information about changes or upcoming events. Tenants can also get announcements related to parking lot maintenance or the presence of home improvement professionals on the property. In essence, websites bridge the communication gap, especially in larger communities.
Time Saver
Condo tenants may not always look for you in your office to discuss maintenance or other issues. With a website, they can source whatever information they need. This saves you time because a condominium website will do some of the work for you! Tenants also save time when using a self-service portal rather than spending time looking for you or your property manager.
A website is the best communication platform for your residents; it saves time and money and makes payment easier. To enjoy these and other great benefits, you need a good-looking website. We are here to help you get an easy-to-navigate condo website. Speak with our professionals here at HOA Sites today and join other condo owners with well-designed websites for their properties!
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