Why The HOA Board Must Have Regular Scheduled Meetings

Posted on September 10, 2018 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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In some states like California, HOA boards are forbidden to act on business items outside the board meeting.  If your HOA doesn't hold board meetings regularly, there’s a greater chance that some important issues will go unresolved and they could ultimately damage the HOA.  In case your association isn’t already holding board meetings systematically, it’d be a good time to start doing so.
Problems Get Addressed On Time

If you have an HOA website, there’s a good chance that homeowners use it as a platform to voice their thoughts on certain matters and to report issues.  By holding regular meetings, the board ensures that homeowners won’t have to wait for several months to have their problems solved.  As a result, all matters are handled in a timely manner and homeowners complain less.
Increased Engagement Online

When homeowners don’t know when the next board meeting will be, they might not be very interested in participating in productive discussions on the HOA website.  As opposed to when they know the specific date of the next meeting, they’re more likely to publish blog posts and ask or answer questions.  In most associations, homeowners tend to be more engaged when meetings are held according to a schedule.
Enhanced Focus

Regular, scheduled meetings are an effective means of ensuring the HOA stays focused on long-term and short-term plans.  The board can issue updates about the progress of certain projects and depending on what the homeowners are saying on the HOA website, they are able to gauge their efficiency in handling those tasks.

If your HOA is having trouble determining the frequency with which to hold board meetings, check what the governing documents specify.  In the event the documents haven’t addressed this topic, talk to an HOA manager while working with an attorney to have the topics included in the governing documents.  Basically, the bigger the HOA, the more often board meetings should be held.
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