What To Do If Disaster Strikes Your Neighborhood

Posted on July 2, 2015 9:26 AM by HOA Sites
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All homeowners want to believe that a disaster will never strike their neighborhood as it can be a very devastating experience.  Unfortunately, it can happen in any neighborhood and most likely when you least expect it.  Become aware of the disasters that your area may be prone to by visiting the HOA website for up-to-date information regarding your neighborhood.  Depending on your area, you may be at more of a risk than others for a disaster to take place.
Precautionary Measures That Protect You and Your Neighbors
Take the time to get informed and develop some kind of a plan or checklist to review with your family should a disaster strike your community.  Go over this plan on a regular basis as this will ensure that your family is well prepared.  Additionally, network with your neighbors to stay informed when unstable conditions arise that could threaten your safety. 
If a disaster strikes your area, stay calm and act according to your plan as much as possible.  Think clearly and have a place outside of your neighborhood for the family to meet at if you are not together when it occurs.  Ideally, neighbors could assist each other in the event of a disaster as they are often the first ones to respond.
How The HOA Website Can Benefit You!
Being prepared is simple, yet many people neglect to do it as they often feel like they will never be a victim of a disaster.  As a homeowner, you should also review your homeowners insurance policy to verify you have adequate coverage incase your neighborhood would be struck by a disaster. 
Typically, preparation starts by having a plan to enact for disasters and frequently checking the HOA website for current posts to stay updated.  Planning ahead now and collectively thinking of ways to protect yourself in the future will be beneficial to you and the safety of your family.
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