What Should The HOA Board Ask Before Hiring A Contractor?

Posted on March 24, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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The HOA board oversees projects in the homeowners association ranging from the community website to areas of the community that need attention or repair.  Repairs throughout the community require different skill levels so choosing which contractor to use is often the deciding factor whether the project is accurately completed.  Does the HOA board of your homeowners association ask relevant questions about the project or just presume the contractor is capable of performing the work?
Know Your Contractor
From state to state, requirements may differ but the HOA board should always validate that the work is performed by a company which is licensed and bonded.  This is a form of insurance to protect the board in the event the contractor neglects to fulfill their work as promised.  Also, ask the contractor for certificates of insurance to see what coverage they have and verify the company has a physical address.
Before the work starts, establish which way you prefer to communicate about the project and request more than one phone number to contact them.  Next, question the scope of the work as it needs to be clear in regard to costs, materials, and expected timeline when the project will be completed.  Some projects are more in-depth than others and require verification of the materials and processes to be used.  Effectively, the HOA board is able to oversee the work so that it meets their expectations!
Ask Questions & Research
Hiring a licensed contractor at a competitive rate involves asking questions that pertain to the job and researching them in as many ways as possible.  Research them by going online and look for any reviews about their company or see if their work is posted on another community website.  Additionally, the board should see what kind of rating they have with the Better Business Bureau before hiring any contractor to work in the community.  Ask relevant questions to ensure a project is free of issues and be pleased with the contractor you choose.
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