What Questions Should You Ask Before Relocating To An HOA?
Posted on December 16, 2019 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Anyone that has ever had to shop around for a house understands the frustration often involved with the process.  They also know the overwhelming relief one normally experiences when they finally find their dream home.  Yet, some people advise you to approach the decision of relocating to an HOA with some care.  There are questions you need to ask beforehand to ensure the new community up for discussion is right for you.
What Are The Rules & Regulations?

An HOA administers the community, writing and enforcing the rules and regulations for which members are expected to follow.  Before you relocate to an HOA, find out whether or not you can live within the restrictions that are imposed.  In many cases, you can find an HOA’s bylaws on the homeowner association website.
What Are The Duties & Responsibilities?

Make sure you know what is expected of everyone before deciding to move.  Are you responsible for your own landscaping or will the HOA take care of it?  You should also know how they handle general repairs and garbage collection.  Associations collect money from residents which they use to manage the community.

Some associations will cover certain costs while others aren’t quite as generous.  Keep in mind that you live in a community and with that comes responsibilities.  Get informed what they are and determine if you are willing to accept them.
What Does Life In The HOA Entail?

Obviously, most people wonder what life will be like in their new community and what sort of people will be their neighbors.  What about the resale value of homes in the area?  Spend some time thinking about the kind of life the HOA has to offer and if it’s compatible with your expectations.

A majority of the questions you want to ask about an HOA will be answered on the homeowner association website.  Don’t be afraid to ask as nobody wants to purchase a home in a community that is too restrictive.
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