What Does It Take To Be An HOA Board Member?

Posted on October 20, 2022 2:53 PM by HOA Sites
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It takes more than just a desire for community involvement to serve on the homeowner’s association board.  The HOA website informs homeowners that board members will set the rules, enforce them, and decide where to spend HOA funds.  Some people who may want to be on the board are those who care about their neighborhood, have good communication skills, or those with leadership experience.  Here’s what it takes to become an HOA board member.
State Laws Regarding Board Members
If someone wants to join an HOA board, they must know the laws their specific state has in place with respect to board membership.  Generally, board members should ask what their duties are as a member and understand how they can be removed from that position.  It is also essential for them to know what repercussions can occur if they fail to perform their duties properly.
You might be surprised to find there are several restrictions that govern your HOA operations.  The HOA website goes into detail about how state laws will indicate which members can serve on the board and their limits.  Therefore, reviewing the governing documents will explain if you are eligible to be on the board.
When Residents Become Members
HOA’s are made up of an elected board that handles decisions about maintaining property and enforcing rules for residents.  Residents become members by buying property within the development so anyone living in these areas qualifies as a member.  Thus, to become a board member, most states make it a requirement for members to have documents that show they belong to certain communities.
Join With A Relative
Some states have rules that spouses can’t both serve on the same HOA board.  Other states might not rule it out but they require the couple to file a disclosure with the board so that other members have to decide if they are comfortable working in that environment.
It’s up to each HOA’s governing documents as to whether or not being related will disqualify a member from serving on the HOA board.  Even though there are states where it is legal for relatives to work together, the community might object as they consider it an overall poor decision.  To become a board member, one should know their state laws and be a resident or member of a certain community.
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