What Are The Basic Responsibilities Of An HOA Board Member?

Posted on August 5, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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The basic responsibilities of board members in the homeowners association cover a variety of areas.  Ultimately, many of their decisions influence the appearance of the neighborhood which greatly impacts property values and the neighborhood website.  Anyone who is elected as a board member will need to make important decisions that are in the best interest of the association.  What responsibilities should you expect if you serve on the HOA board?
Board Member Responsibilities
Many operations within the homeowners association require board members to be accountable for maintaining the community.  Funds for the community should be spent wisely as common areas need enhanced periodically.  Long-term plans such as repaving should be budgeted for through funds collected by the HOA so the plan is finished without any delays.
Shared property in the community will need addressed and board members are responsible for handling the details of the work.  Shared amenities need maintained so bids and contracts with vendors are sent out by board members.  As a member, the association expects you to be well-versed in a variety of areas to choose wisely when important decisions need to be made.
Replacing a roof or performing landscape work requires a board member to choose the best company based on experience, reliability, and price.  Will you accept the responsibility to get involved in community issues if you become a board member?
Oversee The HOA Operations First
Property values play a key role within HOA operations and the board is responsible for protecting the homeowners association.  The neighborhood website keeps homeowners up-to-date from multiple locations so they can attend and observe meetings. 
During meetings, those homeowners that participate in the homeowners association make it advantageous to all residents in the community.  Generally, the most qualified board members are elected so they get involved in resolving community issues that benefit the homeowners association!
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