Ways To Eliminate Pandemonium At HOA Board Meetings

Posted on June 3, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Board meetings are intended to effectively address and resolve issues within the homeowners association.  Occasionally, various members may try to redirect that focus on matters that have little or nothing to do with what is listed on the agenda for that particular meeting. 
Information regarding the way board meetings should be conducted can usually be found on the homeowners association website.  Homeowners who participate in these meetings are asked to stay on the topic at hand so discussions result in a productive HOA board meeting.  What are some useful techniques that lead to constructive meetings and eliminate times of chaos?
Stay On Track
Discussions during board meetings lose focus for a variety of reasons.  One familiar reason is when the topic involves a highly debated matter that affects many in the homeowners association.  Meetings could escalate to a point where members are no longer calm and the discussion has taken a negative direction. 
When that happens, clear the air by asking to table the discussion to the next meeting.  At the next meeting, the stage is set for members to conduct themselves in a more calm and positive manner so everyone is treated with respect.
Another effective tool to use when the discussion veers off topic is for the chair to suggest taking the topic “off line”.  This option invites the member to speak privately without wasting the time of others during the board meeting.  As a result, everyone in attendance stays focused on discussions that pertain to the agenda.
What Is On The Agenda?
Basically, the agenda facilitates each meeting so discussions remain productive and move along efficiently.  Members can encourage others to stay on course with the agenda by referring to it when they speak.  Maintain your composure at HOA board meetings to ensure progress and learn about any changes through the homeowners association website!
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