Vital Tasks The HOA Board Takes Care Of For Homeowners

Posted on September 26, 2019 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Almost every volunteer that makes up the board of any homeowners association will tell you their job is a difficult one.  Often, people fail to understand the role these individuals are supposed to play.  The messages that residents leave on the community website prove as much.  There’s a negative perception about HOA boards that probably stems from all the time they spend enforcing rules.

A majority of homeowners don’t like being told what to do or where they can’t go.  But, the HOA board plays a far greater role than most residents realize and your community would deteriorate rapidly without their direct involvement.
Money From The Community

The HOA board is responsible for managing the assets in your community.  They must replace worn out items and initiate repairs when the need arises.  Such undertakings require money and this is where the board enters the picture.  Board members are responsible for keeping the HOA solvent by collecting necessary funds from the community.  An HOA board is also expected to manage the association’s finances to ensure that contributions made by residents don’t get wasted.

As a resident, no one expects you to keep the community pool clean or to fix the road in front of your house.  The HOA is responsible for maintaining the quality of life in your community.  However, they don’t do this by merely collecting HOA fees from residents but by managing every asset of the community.
Each time you reach out to the board on the community website to fix an area of the association or to settle a dispute, the board takes action by hiring attorneys and locating contractors to resolve the challenges.  You can trust board members to do this work to the best of their ability because they are also members of the community.  As a result, any steps they take to improve the lives of residents will benefit them as well.
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