Useful Advice For Driving At Night In A Homeowners Association

Posted on September 2, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Night driving increases your risk for having an accident as conditions are significantly different with reduced vision since lighting may be poor in certain areas.  At night time, your ability to notice pedestrians and other motorists is delayed as a result of limited visibility.  Though the HOA website informs residents of dangers, every homeowner should always drive safely through the neighborhood to lessen the chance of an accident.
Is There A Way To Increase Visibility?
One possibility of decreased visibility is due to the headlights of your vehicle not being angled properly.  A minor adjustment to lower or raise the headlight beam effectively changes your view of the road which drastically increases your chances of avoiding an accident.  In most modern cars, this is a change that can be performed in just a matter of a few minutes by following the owner’s manual.
Also, regularly check the headlights and windshield during the winter season to confirm they are free from road salt.  If they are dirty, use a microfiber cloth to clean them so no streaks or smudges are left behind and always do this in an area out of direct sunlight.
Often, routine cleaning improves visibility in poorly lit areas of a homeowners association so you spot other residents or animals at night and maintain a safe speed.  Aside from that, keep any interior lights turned off in your vehicle to limit any distraction and practice good driving habits such as watching the road up ahead.  There are many factors that impact your driving at night but what about your vision as you age?
20/20 Vision
Vision changes are expected as we age and driving at night may eventually present a safety concern.  Fortunately, routine eye exams keep you informed about changes to your vision so schedule an appointment if you start to experience trouble driving at night.  The HOA website and good vision keeps you and other homeowners safe while traveling throughout the community.
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