Tips From The Homeowners Association To Remove Clutter Around Your Home

Posted on April 18, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Nothing may be more aggravating for a homeowner than living in a homeowners association where neighbors neglect to keep their outdoor spaces orderly.  Outdoor spaces such as patios are likely to collect clutter throughout the year as doing so conveniently keeps the inside of your home well-kept.  Does the neighborhood website for your homeowners association list any tips for residents to keep their spaces clean?
Tips That Maintain Orderliness
First and foremost, each homeowner should do their part towards maintaining the appearance of a quality community.  Aside from seasonal cleaning, outside areas of your home should be routinely cleaned or checked on some type of schedule so they remain clutter-free.
During the holidays, items may be placed on the patio and forgotten about so choose one day each week to remove those items.  Often, this reduces clutter from accumulating into piles that require hours to clean so it seems less discouraging to tackle.
Typically, these items that are placed in the view of other residents are unnecessary to keep around or provide little benefit.  For residents with kids, it helps to implement a way of removing one item when adding a new item.  Occasionally, kids may rethink if they want that new toy or not when they have to choose to give one up.  What time will you devote towards keeping your place appealing?
Maybe You Have The Time
At some point, clutter needs to be removed before it gets out of hand and it would be unfair to neighbors if you let it get beyond an acceptable level.  Residents that take a preventative approach towards keeping their space clean experience less time on a weekend removing clutter.  Do yourself a favor by taking the time on weekdays to keep your home neatly organized and track the neighborhood website for additional tips.
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