The Significance Of Your Rights In The Homeowners Association

Posted on February 10, 2017 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Throughout the year, a variety of issues in the homeowners association are discussed during meetings.  Occasionally, various issues have a direct impact on your life as they might involve upgrades in the community that lead to higher HOA fees or a special assessment.
One of the many advantages to living in a homeowners association is that you can follow the homeowners association website and voice your opinion at meetings.  How can you make a difference on community issues in your homeowners association?
Your Right To Vote
In any homeowners association, there are certain issues that need to be addressed every so often.  Homeowners may participate in how these issues are resolved by casting their vote at the annual meeting.  Typically, the homeowners association notifies each resident several weeks in advance so they can make arrangements to attend.
Residents unable to attend are advised to contact a board member or read the governing documents to learn about voting using a proxy.  With a proxy, you should always use a well-trusted person to ensure your vote is placed according to your wishes.
There are two ways you can vote by proxy in most homeowners associations which is by a general proxy and a directed proxy.  Both grant another person the right to vote on the homeowners behalf with one important difference.  A general proxy gives the person the right to vote without specifying how that vote is cast, but a directed proxy specifically directs how the person should cast the vote.
Who Will Represent You?
Homeowners should make voting a priority as it helps represent the community more accurately when people have a voice on issues.  The HOA board election is a key component when it comes to your rights in the homeowners association as elected board members control the future of the community.  Check the homeowners association website periodically or ask a board member if you want to know more about your rights.
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