The Different Types Of Meetings In A Homeowners Association

Posted on March 10, 2016 10:30 AM by HOA Sites
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Meetings in a homeowners association are generally thought of as board meetings but there are other types of meetings that transpire within the association.  Aside from board meetings, annual meetings and emergency meetings provide a means of making decisions in the homeowners association.
Each meeting serves a specific purpose as tasks are assigned and important matters are handled accordingly.  Does the neighborhood website include guidelines for each meeting or do you have confusion about the objective of each meeting?
Erase Your Doubt
Meetings of the association should be carried out in a way that follows parliamentary procedure where members are given time to speak.  Held monthly or quarterly, board meetings are usually the most common meeting as board members review how the association is operating.  Matters that are handled include resolving disputes, planning for the future, and setting forth policy.
Board meetings require a notice of a few days in advance that outlines the topics up for discussion.  Most of the time, the effectiveness of these meetings are symbolic of the togetherness in the community.  Once a year, an annual meeting is held where main topics are addressed for the association such as the latest budget, committee reports, and elect a board.
The governing documents of a homeowners association specifically mention when and how an annual meeting should be conducted.  Typically, members are given a longer notice with an annual meeting as they cover more significant topics that members want to be included on.  Members are encouraged to attend a board or annual meeting, but there are times when members can’t attend.
Emergency Meetings
Every now and then, urgent circumstances make it impossible to notify members within the necessary time frame with regard to a notice for a meeting.  When that happens, an emergency meeting may be necessary for the board to take action or make a decision.  Emergency meetings can be held in person or by phone and require no posting on a neighborhood website since immediate action is imperative!
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