Suggestion To Protect The Identity Of HOA Residents

Posted on February 4, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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The threat of someone stealing your identity is a risk all homeowners should take serious as identity thieves develop more sophisticated ways of getting your personal information.  According to statistics, an estimated 1 in 14 Americans will be a victim each year with the majority of crimes related to credit cards and bank accounts.
With the neighborhood website, residents have the option to be informed of the latest methods these criminals are using today.  Often, those households with higher annual income are more likely to be a target than those households with lower annual income.  Fortunately, there are several ways that a homeowner can protect themselves and avoid out-of-pocket losses.
The Fastest Growing Crime In America
In 2014, an estimated 17 million Americans experienced identity theft which means an average of 46,500 per day.  With the advancements in digital technology, most HOA residents are completely unaware how the offender was able to access their personal data.
The first step towards protecting yourself is to remain aware of all the areas you can be targeted and remain diligent at keeping your information safe.  For instance, promptly remove any mail from your mailbox and use a secure post office box for outgoing mail that contains personal information.
If you receive a credit card offer, shred it or tear the envelope in half a couple of times before disposing of it.  A good habit to adopt is to shred all documents.  One alternative for residents to think about is to opt out of credit card offers to ensure their identity is never jeopardized.
Tips To Follow
When accessing online accounts, passwords should always use capitalization, numbers, and at least one special character.  As well, use different passwords for different accounts so in the event one account is compromised, the others will be protected!
Frequently check the monthly statements of your accounts for any transactions that were not authorized by you and review the neighborhood website.  The protection of your identity can make all the difference in a criminal being denied your personal data.
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