Signs That Indicate Board Members May Cause Problems For The Homeowners Association

Posted on March 16, 2018 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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The HOA board is normally in charge of running the association in matters to do with finance, starting new projects, and handling administrative tasks.  A dedicated team is productive, efficient, and easy to work with while a team of troublesome members is a bad recipe for the HOA and the homeowner association website.  Watch for the following indicators to know if your board members may cause problems in the future.
Refusal To Listen

If a member acts like they know everything and refuse to listen to what others say, expect there to be trouble.  This kind of attitude gradually leads some members to feel intimidated and even when poor decisions are made by the troublesome member, no other member may feel confident to counteract the move.  Consequently, numerous decisions are made that have a negative impact on the HOA.

As a rule, people skills are vital for running any board effectively.  If you notice one or more members have trouble resolving conflicting ideas in a polite manner, problems are looming as such members will only make matters worse for your HOA.  Often, members are slow to show this type of behavior so pay close attention after a few months have passed.
Placing Blame On Others

These kinds of people are present in all walks of life but there’s no room for them in a homeowners association that is focused on going in a positive direction.  Despite who is responsible for making a mistake, the one at fault must take accountability but everyone on the HOA board should work as a team to find a proper solution.
Overstepping Roles

In most cases, board members have specific duties assigned to them that range from collecting HOA fees to managing the homeowner association website.  Occasionally, there may be members that get involved in tasks not assigned to them while neglecting their own duties.  Members who exhibit the traits above don’t have the HOA’s interests in mind.  When that happens, the board should come together and talk about these issues so the member is aware they need to change.
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