Possible Requirements Of Installing Solar Panels In A Condominium Common Area

Posted on October 18, 2022 7:58 AM by HOA Sites
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Solar panels have been in widespread use for years, but the installation of solar panels on public property can be complicated.  The condo website indicates it is largely due to the fact that the owners of condominiums are legally responsible for any property damage that their panels cause.  This means they can’t install solar, even if they would love to, without also having to worry about getting rid of all their electricity.  Below are some possible requirements for installing solar panels in a condominium common area.
Licensed Contractor Installs Solar Panels
If you have solar panels installed in a condo building, the work must be completed by a licensed contractor.  The reason for this is that it could result in liability issues for you as the owner of an individual unit if an unlicensed contractor installs the panels.  However, a licensed contractor will provide all necessary warranties and insurance to cover any damage to the common areas.
Responsible For All Damages
It is the member’s responsibility to install solar panels on their roof to ensure that no damage will be caused to the common areas below.  The association shall not be liable for damages caused by the installation of solar materials, whether or not said damages are pre-existing or related to new construction.  The installation of solar panels could be an issue if there is roof damage due to weight, but it would not be an issue if there were only window or door damage due to improper installation or attachment.
A Member Pays For The Roof Survey
When installing solar panels in a condominium common area, having a survey performed beforehand is essential.  The reason for this is that the roof of the building needs to be adequately designed for installing solar panels without any potential hazards.  If problems are found before an installation, then there’s a good chance that they will only get worse after the install since there’s no room for changes.
Also, the survey will help members on the condo website understand how much usable area there is if they should decide to install solar in the future.  Installing solar panels in a condominium common area is not always the most straightforward task as different installation requirements depend on the building’s construction and specific location.  One aspect that condo owners need to be wary of before installing solar panels is the potential liability associated with it.
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