Items That Homeowners Should Recycle In The Homeowners Association

Posted on July 21, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Recycling of plastics, paper, metal, and glass in a homeowners association helps keep the community organized while preventing useful materials from being wasted.  Normally, information about the community is listed on the homeowner association website to keep residents informed on pertinent matters.  According to one report, homeowners recycled and composted 34% of their individual waste in 2013.  Organic materials are the main component of that with yard trimmings and food accounting for 27%.
Are You Forgetting To Recycle Any Items?
A majority of homeowners recycle items such as soda cans and water bottles but what else is there to recycle that you may be forgetting?  Board members of the homeowners association usually provide a guideline for homeowners to check so the appropriate items are placed in the recycle bin.  All homeowners should check the list occasionally to see if any items have been added or removed in order to stay up-to-date.
Metal objects such as aluminum and tin cans that have packaged food in them should always be free of any pieces of food.  As well as any cardboard items that contain food or liquids since recycling facilities might reject them if they are still dirty.  Other recyclable items include phone books, newspapers, certain glass items, paperback books, and plastic items in the shape of jars and bottles.  Are all of the members in your household aware which items are recyclable?
Electronics, Batteries, & Bulbs
When it comes to recycling, discuss with each member in your home about the items that are recyclable, especially if you have children.  For instance, various electronics, rechargeable batteries, and light bulbs are recyclable but you should check the homeowner association website and county website first.  Generally, these items are handled by a professional from a waste management company.  As always, feel free to contact a board member if you have questions about the recycling guidelines in your HOA.
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