Is Your Future Home In Compliance With HOA Rules?

Posted on August 6, 2015 9:00 AM by HOA Sites
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During the process of buying a home, many areas can distract you from addressing those concerns that matter most.  One of those concerns is to validate that the home you are planning to buy is in compliance with HOA rules.  Ordinarily, the community website will have the rules listed for a house to be in compliance as it is significantly relevant for every home.  Each homeowners association has their own set of rules so be sure to secure what those guidelines are before buying so you avoid the unpleasant surprise of not being in compliance.
The Decision Is Up To You
Often, the excitement of moving into a new place causes you to lose focus on covering more important matters such as future home renovations and landscaping projects.  Each individual has their own personal interests and the HOA agreement where the rules of development are specified rarely get a second thought. 
Depending on the community where you plan to live, a home may need some changes in order to comply and it is your responsibility to find out.  The allure to purchase without being thorough can be tempting, but the process of being forced into making changes to your new home might have you regretting the decision.
What Best Suits Your Lifestyle?
If you accept that changes have to be made, at least you found out before unexpectedly getting a notice after you already purchased the home.  By then, it is too late to reverse the decision and you could be the one that has to spend for the changes.
If changes are unacceptable, the best option may be to ask for advice on the community website about looking for another home.  Find out about the terms in the HOA agreement to ensure you have practical expectations in the future concerning your new home.  Once you know the rules, living in a homeowners association becomes a more enjoyable experience as you can address any potential issues prior to them becoming a problem.
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