Identifying Safety In A Homeowners Association

Posted on May 23, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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All homeowners want to live in a safe neighborhood but finding the home they want in a great location may take longer than expected.  Reportedly over 350,000 homeowners associations exist in the country with each of them offering safety as one of many benefits.  Does the homeowners association you live in have a HOA website?
Through the HOA website, homeowners can connect with one another on ways to improve the safety of their community.  The HOA board can also conduct a routine survey that collects the thoughts of homeowners about security-related vulnerabilities.
How Can You Identify Safety?
A familiar mistake with regard to safety in a HOA is that most homeowners let their guard down.  For instance, some residents get a false sense of security because the association has security patrol.  Security patrol may have numerous areas to monitor throughout the neighborhood so you should never rely solely on them. 
Occasionally, there might be times when they happen to be patrolling other parts of the community.
In some homeowners associations, CCTV cameras may be placed in areas of the neighborhood to catch criminals in the act.  The market is flooded with video surveillance equipment and some systems are only props to prevent criminal activity from happening.  How do you know if the cameras in your neighborhood are real or fake?  The goal is not to scare anyone but to encourage proactive measures that improve the safety of all homeowners!
What Concerns Do You Have?
There are many ways to identify areas in your community where safety should be improved but homeowners ignore it from time to time.  Each homeowner can increase the safety in their community by voicing their thoughts through security surveys and the HOA website.  As a result, targeted solutions are generated from the board to appropriately address the safety concerns of residents.
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