How To Take Action In Your Homeowners Association After A Natural Disaster

Posted on September 16, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Natural disasters in a homeowners association happen no matter how prepared you may be but you should know how to take action when they occur.  Obviously, the more prepared you are increases your chances of minimizing losses while keeping everyone safe in your home.  Generally, the homeowners association website informs residents of all the aspects to be aware of in the neighborhood.  Do you live in an area prone to flooding, tornadoes, or other natural disasters?
Actions To Follow
Some areas are more prone than others to suffering damage from a natural disaster which should be a concern when buying your home.  Verify the insurance company knows the possible dangers associated with your place so you always have adequate coverage.  If a disaster strikes, contact your insurance company first to advise them what has happened.
They know what dangers exist following a natural disaster and can guide you towards remaining safe at all times.  Damage may be so significant that it causes structural weakness in your home and other buildings.  Always keep your safety a top priority and enter with caution if you must go in the home.
Before leaving, secure the area so other residents resist the urge of going near and putting themselves at risk.  After informing your insurance company, contact the HOA manager or an HOA board member for further direction.  If there is major damage, notify the utility companies to have the electric, water, and gas shut off immediately.
What About Your Belongings?
Once it’s safe to enter again, survey the extent of the damage and take multiple pictures so you have proof when processing your claim with the insurance company.  As well, list all valuable items that suffered any damage and include receipts if you still have them.  Homeowners can develop a plan for taking action after a natural disaster by checking the homeowners association website.
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