How To Reduce Maintenance Expenses & Stop HOA Fees From Increasing

Posted on August 30, 2018 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Did you know the money that the HOA spends on maintenance is generated from the pockets of homeowners in the form of HOA fees?  One way of reducing these fees would be to take steps targeted at easing the maintenance obligation of the HOA.  In that regard, adopting a more green approach to your daily routine can be tremendously helpful while enabling you to participate in conserving the environment.
Go Digital Or Recycle

How does your homeowners association communicate with homeowners?  If you’re still using paper, propose that the HOA starts using the homeowner association website to reduce litter.  Also, try obtaining the local and global news on the internet as opposed to buying the newspaper.  When a majority of members adopt these approaches, the waste disposal service charges will decrease and so will the HOA fees.
Maintain The Common Areas

If you keep common areas such as the swimming pool and playground free from debris, that will help cut the costs that management spends on cleaning them.  Additionally, there might be flowers and other plants or structures in common areas and these should also be protected.  The costs for replacing them are carried by homeowners so always encourage kids and neighbors to respect the common areas.
Study The Rules

Some homeowners build illegal structures or paint their houses in a manner that violates the HOA rules and they end up paying a large fine.  To avoid falling victim to this, go through the rules and ask for help from the board or other homeowners where you need clarification.

Obviously, reducing the maintenance expenses is not a task that you can efficiently accomplish on your own.  Thus, consider using the homeowner association website to get other homeowners interested in doing their part.  Show them the benefits of minimizing paper waste, recycling their garbage, and respecting plants in common areas so more homeowners join in.
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