How HOA Websites Can Help Your Organization Reach More Community Members

Posted on September 21, 2022 2:41 PM by HOA Sites
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HOA WebsiteThe main goals of a homeowners' association are to help the community comply with architectural standards, manage community affairs, and collect dues. They also promote neighborhood spirit and ensure all members get crucial news and information. An HOA website is a credible tool to make communication and management easier. Here is a deeper look into five ways an HOA website can help your organization reach more community members.
Collect Fees and Dues on Time
Previously, HOA members used checks to pay dues, which took a long time to process. HOA websites ease the process by having simple online payment options. Receiving money electronically helps improve an organization's cash flow and facilitates timely payments. Members can save time by making payments online and reserving amenities without having to get in touch with a staff or board member.
Encourage Member Participation
Many residents don't make it to meetings for various reasons. A website enables the board to post minutes to enlighten residents who missed the meeting. Members have an opportunity to air their views and follow the proceedings online. Participation makes an HOA community great. According to statistics, HOA community homes are more valuable than non-HOA homes. In fact, in 2017, HOA community homes were valued at $5.88 trillion! Imagine how much of a difference your HOA can make in your community with proper participation.
Reduce the Cost of Mailing and Printing
Years ago, HOAs spent a lot of money on mailing and printing to manage all their members. Picture this: how much can an organization with hundreds of residents use to print materials and mail them? It costs a lot of money, but with HOA websites and email services, the community can reduce information transmission costs. The management can send reminders and important documents and update directories without printing costs.
Distribute Crucial Announcements
More than ever, community members want to know about events. HOA websites should have an online calendar and event scheduling to keep residents informed on what's happening. The board should also include links to parks, schools, and libraries to allow the free flow of information to members.
Promote Transparency and Engagement
A website serves as an HOA library, thus helping members access community guidelines and regulations. You can also encourage members to interact in discussions. In short, HOA websites act as windows that peer into what your organization offers, how it is managed, and what it does. This creates an environment of transparency where members can enjoy community get-togethers and participation.
Overall, an HOA website is the best investment for your association. It will save money and time, promote effective communication, and facilitate daily administrative tasks. Consult HOA Sites today if you need an easy-to-navigate website to showcase your governing documents, newsletters, FAQs, and more. Our team of experienced professionals understands the needs of the HOA community!
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