First Time Preparations For The HOA Board To Work With A Manager

Posted on May 13, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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There are a number of things the HOA board needs to prepare when working with a manager for the first time.  Prior to meeting, preparations should be made by the board in anticipation to what the manager will ask regarding the specifics of the association.  As well, the homeowners association website is a means for the board to communicate with homeowners about the upcoming changes.  What should the HOA board have ready in order to be prepared for the manager?
Managing The Homeowners Association
A newly hired manager will need to see updated documents to fully understand the responsibility and direction of the homeowners association.  Those documents include the bylaws, CC&Rs, rules & regulations, amendments, financial reports, tax documents, recent list of homeowners, and all planned projects.  The manager can effectively enhance the association where it is needed most when these documents are neatly organized beforehand.
Additionally, any records of the homeowners association should be gathered in advance to ensure the management process is a smooth transition.  Records should be compiled in regard to insurance policies, board meetings & minutes, financials, tax returns, vendor invoices, a reserve study, and any litigation.  When these records are arranged chronologically, it provides the manager with clarity when looking back on past events.
What Will Homeowners Think?
From the start, the HOA board should keep homeowners informed about their management plans.  A proper introduction where homeowners meet the manager face-to-face may be the best way to initiate a positive relationship between homeowners and a manager.  Homeowners should feel comfortable with the manager as they will be communicating with one another in the future.
Through the homeowners association website, homeowners immediately learn more about the association and feel confident in the HOA board.  In this instance, informing homeowners about bringing a manager on board encourages them to be comfortable with the decision of the homeowners association!
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