Fire Prevention Measures For Community Safety

Posted on November 20, 2015 8:30 AM by HOA Sites
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The chance of becoming distracted while cooking or completing a project at home is a greater possibility than ever before causing some residents to leave an area unattended.  Nowadays, mobile devices make it easier for homeowners to visit the neighborhood website but these devices also serve as a distraction.  As always, homeowners should exercise caution when multitasking at home as one episode of forgetfulness could cause a fire to start.
Early Detection and The Neighborhood Website
To start, a homeowner should educate themselves on all the fire hazards to be fully aware of the dangers and do their part in having the best plan towards fire prevention.  Aside from getting safety tips on the neighborhood website, check with your local fire department for recommendations on smoke detectors, safety tips, and early detection signs.
Some of the newer smoke detectors can actually detect levels of carbon monoxide.  According to reports, the leading cause of fire in homes is cooking followed by heating.  Frequently, homeowners will start cooking and walk away to do another task with the intention of returning to the kitchen shortly.
Yet, a phone call or another family member causes them to lose focus and forget what they started in the kitchen.  The most popular form of heating that has been causing home fires is space heaters.  Often, most residents that use these never take the time to read the instructions or verify proper placement and usage of them.
What If The Unimaginable Happens?
Without a doubt, every resident in the homeowners association wants to prevent their house from suffering any fire damage.  Obviously, it would be greatly beneficial to install a couple of fire extinguishers to contain small fires before they escalate and potentially save a life.  Furthermore, verify you have adequate insurance to protect yourself financially as a few homeowners are shocked to discover they are underinsured after it is too late.
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