Facts About Meeting Minutes on Your HOA Website

Posted on July 17, 2015 9:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Depending on others to accurately recount key points about an HOA meeting can often be misleading and disappointing, especially when relying on memory.  Fortunately, meeting minutes offer a concise and factual record that allows residents to stay informed even if they were unable to attend.  Usually, meeting minutes are viewable on the HOA website or a copy is available once the meeting has ended. Learn more about an HOA website.
What Should HOA Minutes Consist Of?
Each homeowners association will have their own level of detail pertaining to meeting minutes.  However, they should be easily understandable and reflect what was done, not what each individual had to say.  Proper meeting minutes can make a valuable difference for the residents as they can see what was important and the official actions that were taken by the members. 
Meeting minutes may not always turn out as expected and this could be indicative to how efficiently the meeting was organized.  If that happens, it may be necessary to change the way the meeting is being organized to achieve more efficient meeting minutes.  As well, there should be enough information to make the minutes useful in the event they are used for reference or evidence that an action was handled in a proper way.
Future Use and The HOA Website
From time to time, there will be motions or actions that have been previously voted on that get brought back up.  While the minutes do not provide every detail of the meeting, they should provide what the outcome was on every situation where a vote has taken place.  Furthermore, any financial matters should be recorded in the meeting minutes as keeping track of expenses can be invaluable later on.
HOA Website
Not only is a quorum required in order to vote on a matter, but also necessary in order for minutes to be recorded.  Listing the meeting minutes on the HOA website is an excellent way for residents to know about current meetings while having the option to be advised of prior voting conclusions.
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