Easy Ways The HOA Board Can Make The Community Better In 2020
Posted on January 27, 2020 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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An HOA board is supposed to make the community a better place and it usually starts with thinking about all the ways it can be done at the beginning of a new year.  In most HOA’s, planning for this must be done with the direct involvement of residents.

The homeowners association website is a great way to connect with many residents since they can easily find out about any changes.  If you don’t have the time to bring your residents onboard, there are some simple steps an HOA board can still take to make the community better in 2020.

All homeowners’ associations have rules and regulations that govern the operations of their community.  Board members need to ensure that residents are kept up-to-date of these laws and recent changes that might have taken place.  Residents must also be educated on their duties such as paying HOA fees so the community is well maintained.  Otherwise, there could be confusion between board members and those that live in the area.

The HOA board has many responsibilities beyond keeping the association operating efficiently, they must also foster a sense of community among their residents.  That means organizing social or recreational activities that all residents would want to participate in.  Beyond that, the board should encourage them to share their perspectives and ideas on the homeowners association website or during HOA meetings.
Give A Warm Welcome

Obviously, new residents want to feel welcome so every effort should be made to assimilate them into the community.  If you don’t, they may never attend meetings or offer helpful advice on the homeowners association website.  The purpose of involving residents in the running of the community and welcoming new ones is to create a sense of pride.  The HOA board can’t claim to have succeeded until it has given most residents a reason to talk positively about their community.
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