Donating Tips That Ensure The Homeowners Association Stays Clean

Posted on December 12, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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The HOA website provides homeowners with the latest news about the homeowners association and tips that make their life easier.  When a season changes, many residents make time for seasonal cleaning to dispose of items that are no longer used.  Often, items are put in a convenient place until later which eventually causes the neighborhood to look disorganized.  Prevent that from happening by donating items to a nearby organization so the homeowners association stays looking clean and organized.
What Items Are Acceptable?
Guidelines from one donation center to the next varies so always ask what they accept if your item isn’t listed as an eligible donation.  If one donation center rejects your donation, network with your neighbors to see if they know another location that would accept it.
Neighbors in the homeowners association might know of a closer donation center which helps significantly when you want to donate larger items.  A variety of items are accepted at donation centers as they are in need of certain donations.  Usual donations accepted include clothing, furniture, electronics, appliances, vehicles, sporting goods, books, dishes, jewelry, and toys.
Homeowners generally dispose of broken items but some organizations will accept them as long as you inform them ahead of time it needs repaired.  The task of delivering unwanted items to an organization may present an obstacle, but larger organizations are likely to pick it up from your home.  What else should you know before donating?
Donate Efficiently
At the end of the year, items you donated may be used to count as a tax deduction if you get a receipt from the donation center.  Create an itemized list of the items you give away along with an estimated value and request a receipt before you leave.  Regularly visit the HOA website to know the latest tips towards keeping the homeowners association clean.
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