Does Your Homeowners Association Have A Policy Regarding Home Security Systems?
Posted on September 11, 2017 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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In order to make your home a more secure place, you may have considered installing a home security system and networking with neighbors through the neighborhood website.  Before you splurge on a sophisticated security system, there are a few factors you should understand.
While a homeowners association usually provides a safer place, privacy is also an area of concern and every HOA should asses that carefully in relation to local and state regulations.  What are the most vital aspects of a sound home security system?

A security system with external cameras is a modification to the exterior of your home and typically needs authorization from the HOA.  The homeowners association will conduct a review to determine whether or not your system is reducing the privacy of other homeowners and limiting the enjoyment of their property.  Additionally, the HOA board may want to review your home security system to verify that cameras are in a respectable location with regard to your neighbors’ property.
Goals & Purpose

Often, there is a distinct purpose for a security system to be installed that goes beyond the obvious security reasons.  What do you look to achieve by installing external security cameras?  Will you monitor the cameras, retrieve footage online, or store the recordings to be analyzed later?  Prior to having the system installed, research the neighborhood website for information and know what the rules are in your homeowners association.
Location Of Installation

The best location to install your cameras is in the least visible spot.  Beyond that, you should ensure they mainly focus on your property and avoid positioning them where they may capture a neighbors’ home.  A majority of homeowners opt for a flashy home security system these days but they should be installed according to the HOA rules.  As a homeowner, the goal is to find a balance between your desire to feel secure and the privacy of those who live next door.
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