Does Wintertime In The Homeowners Association Dampen Your Spirit?

Posted on December 27, 2017 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Though winter brings with it the holidays, family gatherings, and other joyous moments, several homeowners dread the end of summer.  In many places, it means fewer sunny days, picnics, and other exciting activities that extend beyond the community website.

Maybe you or a family member suffer from a depression that manifests during the same season every year.  Doctors have named this condition seasonal affective disorder which is often abbreviated SAD.  This type of disorder usually fades when spring comes and disappears completely during summer.
Vulnerable Groups

Although the condition can affect anyone, it’s most common in individuals that are between the age of 15 and 55, especially women.  The risk of developing seasonal affective disorder decreases with age and those that have close relatives with the disorder are more likely to develop it.

Another group at risk involves people who live in places that have very short days as compared to night during the winter.  Low amounts of daylight have a negative impact on some homeowners so keep this in mind.

Medical experts and psychologists are not exactly sure what causes SAD, but they believe it is due to a lack of sunlight which disrupts sleeping patterns.  The affected sleep patterns cause changes in the release of chemicals like serotonin which affects mood.

The signs to watch for are loss of interest in daily activities, excessive eating or yearning for high carbohydrate foods, weight gain, unexplained drowsiness, anxiety, moodiness, and feeling sad for no reason.  When these symptoms appear, observe how long they last and if they happen over the winter months.
Boost Your Spirit

Experts frequently recommend light therapy as a form of treatment for seasonal affective disorder.  Sit facing a light box in the morning for an hour or have a dim light in your room at dawn that brightens over time.  If you notice any symptoms, share it with your neighbors through the community website.  You never know, a neighbor may have experienced this already and offer advice that helps fellow homeowners who may be suffering from the condition.
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