Deter Wild Animals From Entering The Homeowners Association

Posted on August 19, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Initially, wild animals may be a welcomed sight in the community but they should be discouraged from the homeowners association for several reasons.  While these animals may look harmless, remember they live in the wild and pose a real threat to you and your neighbors.  After all, they are unpredictable.  Typically, the community website informs homeowners what to be aware of but are you doing anything to attract these animals into the community?
Keep Them At A Distance!
In an instant, animals from the wild can turn aggressive and threaten your safety along with others family members in your home.  One of the major reasons why these animals may enter your homeowners association is in search of food.  Occasionally, a deer may venture into the community to find food but refrain from giving it food.
If you feed it, it could return with more deer as it feels less threatened around people which presents a problem. A deer might have deer ticks and these ticks carry Lyme disease which may be contracted to you from a tick bite.  Additionally, coyotes are attracted to deer and they could potentially follow the deer into your community.
Once that happens, a coyote might attack you and your pets if they are left unattended.  Problems like this are why importance should be placed on keeping wild animals at a distance.  The best way to keep deer and other wild animals away is to have a no feeding policy and make sure everyone in your home follows it.
Are You Providing Them With Food?
A no feeding policy is the first step to deter wild animals from the community.  Obviously, this means not feeding them accidentally or on purpose.  Always confirm the lids are secure on trashcans to eliminate the chance of accidentally providing food to animals in the wild.  If you spot a wild animal in your area, inform your HOA through the community website so the neighborhood remains a safe place for all homeowners.
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