Consider Your Homeowners Association When Enjoying A July 4th Celebration

Posted on June 30, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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The 4th of July marks a special time of the year for most Americans as fireworks, parades, reunions, and barbecues are enjoyed to celebrate this day referred to as Independence Day.  Enjoyment may be the focus of your July 4th celebration but homeowners should also consider the rules of the homeowners association.  If you are a guest, explore the neighborhood website to see if the rules are posted there or ask the host to review the rules that are commonly broken.
Are You A Guest Or A Host?
In a homeowners association, HOA rules apply to all homeowners and their guests.  As a host, you have a responsibility to inform new guests and remind others the rules of your homeowners association as some may have forgotten them.  If they forget, you as the homeowner will be held accountable for their actions so ensure everyone is up-to-date.
During the celebration, there are a few things to remember so everyone remains safe and respectful to nearby neighbors.  First, always comply with any noise levels for the community and advise all guests of the appropriate locations for parking to be courteous to neighbors.
Often, a familiar tradition of celebrating July 4th is to attend a fireworks display or have a small display at home.  When using fireworks and sparklers, do so in a manner where everyone around is aware of them and have a water hose or fire extinguisher ready for use.  In 2014, records indicate that sparklers accounted for 28% of firework-related injuries!
One Last Consideration
Residents who enjoy fireworks tend to forget that pets might become frightened and wander off during the time they are used.  Before using fireworks, secure all pets and remind homeowners ahead of time that safety is the responsibility of everyone.  Lastly, contact the HOA manager if you have any questions that were unable to be answered by visiting the neighborhood website.
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