Are Political Yard Signs Allowed In Your Homeowners Association?

Posted on February 26, 2016 7:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Whether you follow political news or not, you can almost always recognize when an election is coming up from noticing yard signs throughout the community.  Some residents prefer to keep their political views to themselves while others want to show their support for a candidate.
If you choose to show your support, the homeowner association website should be one of the first places you visit to validate that you are allowed to post political signs in your yard.  This is a topic for all homeowners to think about as there could be a candidate that comes along and you may want to show your support for them.  How will you feel if yard signs are restricted?
The Benefit Of A Reasonable Restriction
Homeowner associations have restrictions in place to preserve the value of your place as homeowners have certain rules to follow.  Typically, those restrictions serve a purpose towards keeping the community looking nice so everyone in your area benefits from living in a well-kept neighborhood. 
Homeowners associations may not restrict political yard signs completely but have certain limitations in regard to the quantity, size, and length of time.  Imagine arriving home to find out your next door neighbor has decorated their yard with 20 yard signs and they keep them on display for several months.
After a while, that would become an unpleasant sight to look at on a daily basis so it makes sense to have limits.  On the other hand, what can you do if yard signs are prohibited in your HOA?
One Variable To Consider
In some states, an alternative exists for homeowners who prefer to support a candidate with yard signs when the HOA forbids it.  Various states have laws that restrict the homeowners association from prohibiting the use of political signs.
Basically, residents in these associations are allowed to use political yard signs in accordance to what the HOA considers reasonable.  Eliminate this from becoming a hassle by thoroughly reviewing the homeowner association website and know your state laws regarding political yard signs!
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