Are Homeowners Satisfied With Living In Your HOA?
Posted on February 24, 2021 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Homeowner associations have become quite commonplace today as one report estimates over 70 million Americans currently reside in a community with an HOA.  Even though homeowners are drawn to these communities with the security and order they promise, board members should consider whether or not residents are happy.  Most homeowner associations struggle to thrive without first developing a strong rapport with the residents they are supposed to represent.
What Public Opinion Says

Often, the homeowner association website is a positive place that attracts optimistic opinions from people who reflect the views of the public on HOA’s.  If your objective is to meet or even exceed the national average where public opinion on associations is concerned, you should know that most people are happy with their association.
Not only are they convinced that their HOA’s governing board serves the best interests of the community but a significant majority claim that their community managers are supportive of their residents.  As a result, aggressive steps must be taken to counter the negativity in a community if you want to surpass the national average, some of which is expressed on the homeowner association website.
Improving Homeowner Satisfaction

From time to time, HOA’s are poorly perceived by homeowners as they have been known to spend more time managing the assets of the community and less time nurturing healthy relationships with residents.  These two undertakings are not mutually exclusive though.  An association can maintain their assets without neglecting members of the community by encouraging homeowners to suggest ideas for them to use in the future.

Many residents who hold a poor view of their association usually feel that way because they were abandoned.  HOA boards that make a concerted effort to include residents in their decision making typically see a vast improvement in the opinions that homeowners hold toward their HOA.
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