Acknowledging Open Comments At HOA Board Meetings

Posted on April 7, 2016 11:32 AM by HOA Sites
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At HOA board meetings, members have the opportunity for their voice to be heard on issues or for them to give their opinion about the association.  The homeowners association board is required by law to give members this time to comment which is referred to as open comment time.  Visit the HOA website beforehand so you follow the guidelines when you speak at a board meeting and know what to expect afterwards.
Know The Expectations

Most members want an answer or immediate action that addresses their comments, but law requires only those issues on the agenda are discussed for that board meeting.  Comments that apply to what is on the agenda can be discussed at that particular time.  Otherwise, the board will add comments to the agenda for the next board meeting.
Once you understand this, your expectations are clearer since you know in advance whether or not the board will entertain your comment on the spot.  Often, members avoid the aggravation of not having their comment addressed by understanding that the board meetings must follow the agenda.  Find out more about agendas on the HOA website!
When Is The Right Time?

Choosing a time for open comments depends on the board.  When open comments are at the beginning it allows members to talk about their topics and concerns without sitting through the entire meeting.  Comments at the beginning are great for members who speak on issues that are not on the agenda.  This allows them to quickly bring their topic to the attention of the board so it can be on the agenda for the following meeting.
The other alternative is to have comments at the end.  If a meeting takes longer than expected, members could leave the meeting without voicing their opinion.  Additionally, many people may want to give their input at the meeting so a time limit is often enforced to allow each member to speak.  Time limits also prevent a hot topic from ending up in a debate!
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