Acceptable Use Of Drones In Your HOA
Posted on March 2, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
Categories: HOA Website
With the popularity of drones on the rise, residents may use these in the future to capture amazing views or have packages delivered to their home.  In most homeowners associations, the governing documents fail to mention drones as board members were not likely to predict that technology would be this innovative or affordable today.
New technology usually requires that the HOA website and the governing documents be updated so the association ensures the safety of residents.  When no guidelines are in place regarding drones, situations could surface that result in homeowners having a controversy.  What is essential for residents to accept them in the community?
Respect A Homeowners Privacy
Many homeowners might be inclined to support the ban of drones in the homeowners association solely because they feel it invades their privacy.  Aside from that, homeowners might be concerned their safety is at risk due to the experience of the one operating the drone.  When flying a drone, you should never fly it above or near another person and always keep it in sight!
Drones in the homeowners association stand a greater chance of being accepted if there are rules in place that respect the privacy and safety of residents.  Specifically, they are useful for real estate photography or inspecting areas of your home such as the roof or higher level windows.  What are your options if you oppose residents using drones around your home?
Drone Regulations
HOA residents can voice their concerns to the board about implementing some regulations before a potential problem exists.  Obviously, mechanical failure is a possibility so residents should be warned ahead of time about liability issues due to damages resulting from a crash landing.
Accordingly, moderate regulations on drones regarding the times they are used and landing locations should be included in the restrictions.  As well, the governing documents and the HOA website should make it known that the homeowners association assumes no liability to the people or property.
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