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A Winter Checklist For HOA Residents To Be Prepared
Posted on December 1, 2017 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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With winter just around the corner, you have likely tossed away your swimming gear for warmer clothes as one way to be ready for cooler weather.  When the sun fades away, you want to make certain that your home is ready for the upcoming months so your home stays warm.  Here are a few techniques you should consider incorporating into your winterizing strategy.
Switch Window Blinds

The blinds used during summer months will not keep winter air from sneaking into your home.  Most homeowners make the switch to heavier curtains before winter arrives.  Take this into consideration as you’ll be able to keep your home warmer and save on your heating bill.
Have Your Appliances Checked

Have a professional look into the heating, air conditioning system, and ventilation of your home to ensure all elements can withstand severe cold.  This is particularly important with appliances as they may have been stressed during summer.  Winter is the worst time to experience problems with appliances so make this a yearly habit.
Check The Roof

Periodically, the roof should be checked for leaks, cracks, and signs that indicate abnormal wear.  If your homeowners association is responsible for roofs, you should notify them through the neighborhood website to ensure your roof has no issues.  Otherwise, you will need to contact a professional to see if it’s in need of any repairs.
Apply Weatherstripping

In most cases, the HOA isn’t responsible for maintenance of windows and doors.  Consequently, you may need to take charge of that and give them an additional layer to keep heat from escaping your home.  Inspect where the windows and doors seal for any tears or cracks as this is a common area where cold air can enter your home.

Winterizing your home not only makes you a responsible homeowner but it saves you money as less is spent on energy and any area that needs work is caught early before becoming a costly project.  Prior to starting, check the neighborhood website for rules regarding winterization to make sure nothing has changed from the previous year.
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