A Guide Towards Improving HOA Board Meetings

Posted on July 14, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Board meetings in a homeowners association serve a purpose to improve the community in some way with each passing month.  Occasionally, some homeowners feel like meetings go in a direction where the same topic is discussed as the last meeting which leads to little or no improvement.
Board meetings and the community website benefit you and other residents as both provide a platform to improve the community.  They provide members with information so they take an interest to get involved in the homeowners association.  Does your association continuously try to improve the board meetings to be more productive and efficient?
Monthly Board Meetings That Reach Goals
Routinely, monthly board meetings start off the same way each month where board members are organized and follow the agenda for that meeting.  An agenda keeps the meeting focused on a key issue for that specific month no matter what other issues are brought up.  Not only should board members follow the agenda but homeowners should also remember this when they speak and do their best to keep comments concise.
Many issues may emerge over the course of the month but a productive and efficient meeting focuses on one main issue to be improved or resolved.  A majority of the time it ensures the meeting to go smoothly when reports and other business are dealt with promptly before opening up the main topic.  What else should members do to increase the effectiveness of board meetings?
Be Prepared For The Board Meeting
The community website is an option that most homeowners enjoy as they stay current with the latest that is happening in the homeowners association.  Periodically, there may be meetings where an important topic is on the agenda that requires board members to be fully aware of the issue.  Board members should always be prepared for any potential question a homeowner might ask so the meeting is productive and helpful to all!
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