A Guide For Reporting Questionable Activity In The HOA

Posted on October 14, 2022 7:17 AM by HOA Sites
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Many homeowners have reported questionable activity in their HOA at some point as certain situations made them think there could be a threat in the community.  Report this activity on the community website as it can be helpful to other homeowners to know the details of these incidents.
Knowing what questions to ask and what information you should gather is important for HOA residents to be prepared for this type of situation going forward.  This guide will provide some direction for reporting such activity, ensuring that the homeowners association remains a safe place.
Check Your Facts & Report
When reporting activity that might be a problem, it’s essential to make sure you have the facts.  This means checking into the issue and knowing that a HOA rule has been broken or there’s a good reason to believe something isn’t right.  You want to report an issue that helps others feel like they are protected from outside threats, not start a rumor.
Report Your Complaint
You may have noticed that your HOA has someone on staff whose job is to handle these types of issues.  When in doubt, inform that person about the potential issue.  That way, you can be certain that your concern will be addressed appropriately.  Additionally, contact your local law enforcement agency so they know what’s going on.
Be Respectful & Courteous
There’s a chance that the person you believe is in violation of an HOA law could have permission, for this reason, always act in a professional and respectful manner.  Furthermore, on the community website, the Demographic and Health Surveys recommends that everyone respects the civil liberties, rights, and privacy of citizens by concentrating on behavior instead of appearance.
If you ever need to report questionable activity, think it through first and make sure you aren’t jumping to conclusions.  This guide is not legal advice, nor should it be construed as such.  It is simply a guide for reporting questionable activity in an HOA.
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