4 Reasons To Appoint An HOA Manager This Year
Posted on January 10, 2020 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
Categories: HOA Website
Is your HOA functioning optimally?  Most people think that their community is thriving simply because they have an operational HOA website and an HOA board.  In many cases, no one really knows what is happening and some board members don’t attend the meetings.  The reserve fund may also be close to being depleted, while critical projects are ignored for the most part.  These are all good reasons to appoint an HOA manager and they aren’t the only ones.

An HOA manager isn’t someone that should be used solely for posting unwarranted messages on the HOA website.  They can interpret your community’s financial statements, collaborate with management companies, and acquire funding to carry out projects that might unexpectedly come along.  They can also read and manipulate the flow of funds in the community.

One of the ways an HOA manager keeps the community together is by making sure that all members are up-to-date about current events and changes.  They ensure that community members understand the roles they are expected to play.  You can also count on them to encourage support for projects in the community.

Almost every thriving community requires the services of vendors to perform tasks such as landscaping and accounting.  An HOA manager is expected to not only identify viable vendors but to maintain healthy relationships with them as well.  Most managers know who to contact for each task.

In many HOA’s, a manager isn’t able to run the community on their own and needs the help of HOA board members.  If these volunteers are going to fulfill their role, the manager has to organize training sessions that will teach them what they need to know.

The better trained these members are, the more likely they are to succeed in the role.  HOA managers might seem insignificant but that’s because some people that don’t see the work they do behind the scenes to keep communities running smoothly.
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