4 Considerations That Reduce Maintenance Costs and Stop HOA Fees From Increasing
Posted on June 8, 2020 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Homeowner associations are expected to maintain the assets of a community but that often involves going to the residents for funding.  The more involved a maintenance project is, the more money your HOA will typically demand.  But, did you know that it is possible for the association to meet any maintenance goals without raising HOA fees?

In fact, they can reduce maintenance costs altogether and those lower costs will result in lower HOA fees.  The key is to make a few basic considerations that will have a significant impact in the long run.
Protect Landscaped Areas

When it comes to reducing costs, a great place to start is by protecting the landscaping throughout the neighborhood.  Use the HOA website to encourage residents to respect all the flowers, bushes, and lawns in the common area.  Any area that needs work directly impacts the labor costs the community will incur to make replacements.  If residents do a better job of respecting the landscape, maintenance costs could drop considerably.
Reasons To Recycle

More people are recycling and this is a habit that needs to gain traction in many communities.  Some areas have laws in place that expect communities to recycle and failure to do so results in a substantial fine.  This isn’t the only reason to recycle though.  Doing so reduces your waste which affects the amount of money you spend on waste disposal services.
Learn The Rules

You should also use the HOA website to fully understand the rules and regulations and make it known to the community when you have the chance.  This ensures that more residents fall in line when it comes to recycling, protecting the landscape, and keeping debris away from the common areas.  Teach residents what they have to do so HOA fees don’t increase and they almost always comply.
Sustainable Living

If you opt for a sustainable and renewable way of living, you can cut your costs drastically through recycling and the use of energy-saving techniques.  Emphasize the importance of green programs such as this and show residents what they can do to participate.  In most cases, it’s easier to lower maintenance costs and keep HOA fees under control when all residents get involved.
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